Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is a non-profit association with the mission of matching smart money investors with the best early-stage tech startups in Switzerland.

In October 2015 we started to build a new community of smart money investors and since 2018 we are the largest and most active angel investor club in Switzerland. Currently, the SICTIC Investor Community counts more than 360 angel investors and keeps growing.

However, a large number of angel investors and startups are inexperienced. This discourages the number of investments and also has an impact on the quality of the “smart money” the angel investors bring along.  Closing this knowledge gap is one of – if not THE – most relevant contribution to professionalizing the Swiss startup ecosystem and supporting young entrepreneurs.

SICTIC supports the startup investing scene by offering world-class education for experienced angel investors, those aspiring to start investing in technology startups, and startup founders. In the past four years, SICTIC provided educational training sessions and startup investing knowledge to more than 5000 event participants.

Education is provided by SICTIC’s partners in various sectors, as well as by experienced angel investors who share their experiences and best practices.


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Startup Investment Skills Episode #1

We are excited to officially launch our ACADEMY program for startup investors and founders. In our first skills course, Dr. Teddy Amberg from Spicehaus Partners shares his 5 top investment pitfalls!

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SICTIC offers various valuable trainings, talks and events with an educational purpose available for its investors and those interested in making startup investments. We also provide several resources and documents available to support the startup investing life cycle from scouting to exit.

SICTIC regularly organises startup investment trainings which can be found on our events calendar. The most advanced training is the SICTIC Academy, an ongoing business angel education program which is held throughout the year and structured on different levels of expertise.

Angel Investor Trainings

How to win in B2B Sales for Angel Investors

by Manuel Hartmann on “How to win in B2B Sales for Angel Investors”, founder of The Sales Playbook, Switzerland’s Sales Accelerator for B2B Startups

From Hype to Reality - What’s Next for Investors in Blockchain Startups

by Dr Ing Heinrich Zetlmayer, Blockchain Valley Ventures General Partner (26.06.2019 at Swiss Blockchain Investor Day 2019)

Fireside chat with Fabio Cannavale and Antonio Gambardella

Fabio Cannavale, CEO of Group, shares his experience as founder and investor in a fireside chat with Antonio Gambardella, Managing Director of Fongit.

The Entrepreneur : Investor Investor Interface

by Ian Charles Stewart, Partner & Co-Founder WiReD Magazine (24.09.2018 @ 56th SICTIC Investor Day)

What is good investor behaviour from a founder's perspective

by Gian Reto à Porta, Co-Founder & CEO at Contovista (07.06.2018 @ 52nd SICTIC Investor Day)

Learnings, Findings and Experiences gained from 17 Years of Angel Investing

by Philip Bodmer the 2017 Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) Angel Investor Of the Year (28.05.2018 @ 51st SICTIC Investor Day).

How to become a happy angel in 10 easy steps

by Davide Gai, serial entrepreneur, President Healthcapital SA, President of Gai&Partner (15.05.2018 @ 50th SICTIC Investor Day).

The good, The bad and the ugly truth (Lessons from the trenches of angel investing)

by Tatjana de Kerros, Startup Builder @RicoLab, Entrepreneur & VC-Enabler (03.05.2018 @ 49th SICTIC Investor Day)

Crypto Investments – Finding Diamonds in the Rush

by Ralf Glabischnig, Partner / Founder Lakeside Partners AG (13.03.2018 @ 48th SICTIC Investor Day).

5 Key Drivers of Startup Success

by Sandro Cornella, CEO at makora. Startup co-founder/manager/advisor and investor, Silicon Valley/Europe. (30.01.2018 @ 47th SICTIC Investor Day).

The Investment Journey: Transition from a Serial Entrepreneur to an Investor

by Anat Bar-Gera, co-founder and the Chairperson of Cyverse, Board Member of Bank of Cyprus (7.12.2017 @ 46th SICTIC Investor Day)


The future of digitisation: how to make the best out of this opportunity

by Richard Olsen (Founder & CEO at Lykke, Visiting Professor at Center of Computational Finance and Economic Agents, University of Essex, UK)

The Joys & Challenges of Angel Investors

by Ralph Mogicato, board member of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) and angel investor, and Thomas Dübendorfer, president of SICTIC and angel investor (16.03.2018 @ START Summit 2018 in St. Gallen).

Innovation at TR

by Irish McIntyre, Vice President, Product Management at Thomson Reuters (13.03.2018 @ 48th SICTIC Investor Day)

Contovista - An Insider’s View on the Journey From Incorporation to Exit in four Years

by Thomas Dübendorfer, president of SICTIC and angel investor (15.11.2017 @ Swiss Fintech Investor Day 2017, Zurich).

SICTIC Partner Day 2017

The board of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) looks at what has happened during the last year at SICTIC and provides an outlook for the year to come (28.06.2017 @SICTIC Partnerday 2017).

May we live in interesting times: Fintech, fear and the future

by David L. Shrier, Managing Director, MIT Connection Science (28.10.2016 @ 30th SICTIC Investor Day Fintech Zurich)

A discussion of disruption and opportunity as the Financial industry is transformed by the fintech revolution. David Shrier of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the new book Frontiers of financial technology, explores this dynamic landscape.  Covering everything from the fictions and fortunes to be made around block chain, to the potential for unlocking invisible banking, he presents visions of the future.

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