SICTIC Ambassadors

Daniel Buzaglo

Advisory, Non-Executive Director

Daniel Buzaglo has more than 40 years of finance and business experience in FMCG and oil, gas and petrochemicals companies, in different areas (M&A, business development, strategic alliances, project management, integration and transformation programs, financial planning, corporate finance, supply chain finance, regional and country CFO, start-ups) and in many geographies (Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia). Daniel holds an MS in Economics degree.

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Pierre Siegwart

Investor, CFO & M&A Advisor

Pierre has 30 years of experiences as CFO, Operations Management, MBO and M&A Business, with industry ranging from inspection (Cotecna/SGS), IT/Software (Lasercom, GDOC, Tessi), food and logistics (LRG Groupe) after having started as PwC manager. Today acting as an independent investor/advisor mainly in Tech Companies. Graduated from the University of Lausanne and IMD Business School.

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Tanya Fröhlich

Investor, SICTIC Ambassador

Tanya is an executive with over 15 years of experience in investment banking and M&A with a  focus in technology companies. Before joining SICTIC, Tanya was  Director at Corum Group International, a global Tech M&A advisory firm, focusing on corporate strategy, business development, process implementation and sales & marketing.

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SICTIC Ambassadors are persons who actively support the SICTIC mission with regards to a specified topic e.g. diversity, fundraising, alumni, AI, social impact, lobbying, .etc. They are typically not part of the board or the operation team and support SICTIC on a pro-bono basis.

SICTIC Ambassadors are brand evangelists that help SICTIC acquire more investors via word of mouth and recommend startups to submit their business case to the SICTIC deal platform.

A maximum of 12 official SICTIC Ambassadors can be active at the same time. When the maximum number is reached, new candidates will be added on a waiting list. Official Ambassadors are seen as VIPs in the SICTIC Network and Community.


SICTIC Ambassadors are:

SICTIC Investors in good standing with at least 1 SICTIC Portfolio startup investment round closed

– Key people with a high profile and a large network

– Aware of SICTIC’s impact and role in the development of the Swiss tech startup ecosystem

– Willing to promote SICTIC to their friends, colleagues, in private, at work and at events


Nominations are submitted via personal recommendation from the SICTIC board, operations team, advisors, or other ambassadors.

SICTIC Volunteers

Pavel Jakovlev

SICTIC Evangelist

Managing Partner at ANCORE Strategy

Passionate about growth and innovation, he has extensive experience of working with start-up and scale-up founders, taking them to the next level. Among his key skills are strategy setting, investor relations and demand generation.
Throughout his career, Pavel has continually pushed himself to be his most creative self, and he loves exploring new frontiers. With excellent communication skills, he has an aptitude for fostering and maintaining meaningful relationships with a wide variety of incredible individuals. As a self-confessed fan of all things tech, Pavel is determined to use his passion for monitoring emerging technology solutions and their practical application in the commercial environment to deliver efficiency, productivity and sustainable growth.
Pavel is the creator and host of The White Spaces Show, an online medium through which he quenches his thirst for technology trends and innovation initiatives.
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Philipp Mao

SICTIC Volunteer

IT Security Analyst at Compass Security

Philipp was a SICTIC Intern in 2018, when he left us to join the Swiss Army as a Cyber Security Analyst. His interest in startups and technology brought him back to the SICTIC team as a volunteer, and he helps us in his free time with various technological improvements of our operations.
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