Code of Conduct

Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is an organisation that connects technology startups and SICTIC Investors with the vision to support the startups to become profitable, innovative and impactful companies.

This Code of Conduct provides guidelines for all investors and startups looking for financing into startups presented by SICTIC to facilitate trusting relationships and long-term partnerships.

Fair & Honest

We conduct business in a fair and honest way in all dealings and in particular with the business seeking entrepreneurs and among investors.


We win together and treat others the way we like to be treated. Our behavior serves to build trust among investors involved and with the entrepreneurs. The race is long and a positive sum game. Experienced investors and novice investors support each other to the extent of their possibilities. All investors engaging in due diligence actively support it.


We act as partners of the entrepreneurs and co-investors supporting them to build great businesses. We seek alignment of interest among all parties involved in the investment process.


During due diligence and thereafter, we communicate transparently with all interested investors. Key points (key terms, timing, concerns, lead investor name) are communicated to all at the same time and manner. For the sake of simplicity and fairness, no individual side deals or subgroup deals at different terms are to be made.


To use efficiently the time, goodwill and energy of the investors and entrepreneurs, and for SICTIC credibility, investors commit to doing all they can so investment decisions are reached in a reasonable time.

Lead Investor

For each potential investment with more than one investor interested, a lead investor is designated by the investors themselves. Whether remunerated or not, the lead investor responsibilities include:
– The main communication link between the investors and the startup;
– Coordination of the feedback of interested investors (e.g. due diligence, questions, investment terms) in a consolidated way to the startup and vice versa;
– Upfront information to other investors if (s)he intends to be remunerated for due diligence efforts directly or indirectly

Fee Disclosure & Contract

All fees that are charged to the investors and entrepreneurs must be disclosed by the Investor before any contract is entered. This is to include registration fees, success fees, and fees for other services provided by the Investor. The contract must specify any fees that are payable.


We will use the circulated information solely for the purpose of raising finance and not to exploit it in any other way. We will take all reasonable precaution to keep information confidential according to the signed Agreement between SICTIC and the investor.


Investors and startups will not accept subscribed investment capital from unspecified sources.