10th ICT Investor’s Day

The SICTIC Investor Day is a match making event where tech startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters. The event language is English. Questions from the audience are also taken in French and German (and translated if necessary).


Startups on stage

  • AppParental

    Cross-platform software utility to aid parents in Smartphone device usage by minors

  • Newscron

    News aggregator by an ETHZ spin off

  • Perfectfor2

    Online Such- und Buchungsportal für Erlebnis-Packages für 2 Personen

  • Tubban

    Web community to connect Chinese travellers and tourism industry directly

  • CatchMyPain

    (by Sanovation) Die richtige Diagnose und beste Behandlung für Schmerzpatienten finden

  • SoBerlin

    The new picture sharing guide to urban lifestyle, locations and trends

  • Cooala

    Playfully connect with brands

  • RoomActually

    Efficient market for fixed-term rentals for students visiting Europe