30th SICTIC Investor Day Fintech

Startups on stage

  • James

    (by CrowdProcess) James brings the power of Machine Learning to your Credit Risk Department, allowing you to build better scoring models

  • Lenditapp

    A Cloud-Based, Business Solution for the Alternative Small Business Lending Marketplace

  • Minebox

    Pioneering peer-to-peer, smart contract mediated, secure data storage

  • Mergims

    Online bills payment aggregator for basic urgent services and products

  • Nivaura

    Platform for the issuance and administration of smart decentralised financial assets using blockchain infrastructure for custody and settlement

  • Surong360

    Online Platform for students to borrow money from their alumni

  • Tickey

    We allow daily commuters to use urban mobility anytime and anywhere, paying just with their smartphones

  • Veezoo AG

    Business artificial intelligence platform to explore financial and other data just by asking questions in plain English