79th SICTIC Investor Day Zürich @TX Group

The SICTIC Investor Day is a match making event where tech startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters. The event language is English. Questions from the audience are also taken in French and German (and translated if necessary).

Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic might affect the organization of this event, and the seating will be limited. Double-check the event status before attending.

Startups on stage

  • Amplify SA

    A digital platform to launch an advertising campaign as simple as a classified ad but with all the power of digital marketing. Amplify makes advertising for the rest of us a reality

  • Artivon

    Fostering healthy discourse in comment sections with artificial intelligence for newspapers and bloggers.

  • Kaspar&

    We solve one of the largest financial problems of our time: the missing possibility to easily build up wealth due to negative interest rates. As investing is the only option to earn interest in today's world, Kaspar& seeks to offer a radically accessible investment experience.

  • Sbique GmbH

    Sbique is a global language learning platform that offers on-demand lessons with native speakers via video chat. Our customers enjoy an effective and convenient learning experience and pay their tutors based on their lesson length. We as the platform take a commission fee on this payment.

  • SwissProsthetics

    Affordable and user-centric arm prosthesis customized by using an online configurator, produced just-in-time, with minimum maintenance risks and remote service opportunities.


    Semiconductor producers are wasting computer chips worth billions of USD every year. 10% to 70% of computer chips are defect because they cannot detect defects caused by small particles. Our tools detect these small particles at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

SICTIC Angel Training

Andreas Goeldi on "The founder perspective: How can business angels be truly helpful to their startups? What are things to avoid? How can you be an effective board member?"

Partner at btov Partners

Andreas Goeldi is an Internet technologist, serial entrepreneur and startup investor with over two decades of experience. He joined VC firm btov Partners in 2019 as a partner. Previously, he co-founded and helped build several successful technology startups in both Europe and the United States. His past job roles include developer, CTO, head of consulting, board member and CEO. He has also been an active angel investor for over 20 years. Andreas holds degrees in technology management from MIT and the University of St.Gallen.

Event Agenda

15:45 – Registration

16:15 – Angel Training Session (Investors Only)

16:45 – Registration (General Admission)

17:15 – 90sec. Startup Pitching Session

17:40 – Investor Voting Break

18:00 – 8min. Startup Pitching Session

19:10 – Networking Apéro

20:30 – Event ends


Investor Registration

This event is intended primarily for angel investors (also novices). Family offices, fund managers and venture capitalists that want to invest in Swiss Startups are also welcome to attend.

SICTIC Investors and invited guests please use your promotion code to get your free ticket.

Investors: You can read the startup business cases before the event by joining our SICTIC Investor Community. You can then attend SICTIC Investor Days for free and get access to our online deal platform.

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Limited seating. No entry without a valid ticket. No ticket sale at the event.

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TX Group, Werdstrasse 21, 8021 Zürich

TX Group, Werdstrasse 21, 8021 Zürich


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