Deep Dive Session – 93rd SICTIC Investor Day

On Nov 3rd, the Deep Dive Session of the 93rd SICTIC Investor Day gives you the opportunity to meet the founders that pitched at the event and to learn more about the investment proposal.

All startups that pitched at the 93rd SICTIC Investor Day and that received investment interest, will be available for a deep dive session with interested investors. Each startup offers a 60 min discussion slot and holds an extended presentation including a Q&A session. The slots will be announced the day after the pitching event, and you can register for the session starting Oct 28th.

SICTIC investors, use their SICTIC Account to join the session. Should you have any questions related to this event, please get in touch with us at

Please note that this event will be held online.


Startup slots will be announced on Oct 28th.

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