How and why to invest in Foodtech – webinar

2023 could be the best year yet to invest in Foodtech.

What are the risks and opportunities when investing in Foodtech startups?

Foodtech attracted nearly CHF 87 million in investments in 2022 according to Top 100 Swiss Startups. Foodtech is a sector of which we have only seen the tip of the iceberg and which will undoubtedly grow strongly in the coming years.

– Why is now the right time to invest in foodtech?

– How does the growth journey and life cycle of a foodtech company look like?

– Why is Switzerland the right place for foodtech startups?

– What are the ecosystem actors that investors need to know?

Learn more about why to invest in Foodtech startups at the webinar with Françoise Birnholz, SICTIC Angel Investor and Dr. Daniel Böhi, Co-Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board at Alphorn Venture Partners, hosted by SICTIC.


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