SICTIC Investor Academy

5.1 Financial Strategy 5.2 Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Revenue and Profit Planning 5.3 Capital Expenses vs. Operating Expenses 5.4 Financial Plan 5.5 Classic Operative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 5.6 Sales/Customer-Oriented KPIs 5.7 Financing Need and Balance Sheet KPIs 5.8 Capital Loss and Over-Indebtedness 5.9 Financial Planning Template   6.1 Registries of Commerce 6.2 Naming and Types of Startup Companies 6.3 Shareholders 6.4 Interplay of Stakeholders 6.5 Board of Directors 6.6 Liquidation 6.7 Gender-Neutral Salaries Location: HCP office, Rue de la Croix d’Or 19a, 2nd floor, 1204 Geneva

Exclusive members only workshop, available onsite only, with limited seating for 15 guests. Investors get deep insights into the topic of investing in startups. There’s plenty of opportunity for Q&A and discussions at the workshop.