SICTIC Investor Academy – Zurich

10.1 Employee Incentive Plan (ESOP, PSOP)

10.2 Why Vesting Matters

10.3 Vesting Basics

10.4 Vesting for Employees

10.5 Vesting for Founders with Expiring Buy-Back Rights

10.6 Accelerated Vesting

10.7 Shares and Options vs. Stock Appreciation Rights (Phantom)

10.8 Dynamic Equity Allocation with “Slicing Pie”

14.1 Detrimental Coaching Motivations

14.2 How to be a Winning Coach

14.3 Understanding the Situation and Developing a Solution

14.4 How to Best Address Specific Topics

14.5 Reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

14.6 Swiss Startup Support Ecosystem


Exclusive members only workshop, available onsite only, with limited seating for 15 guests. Investors get deep insights into the topic of Deal Terms. There’s plenty of opportunity for Q&A and discussions at the workshop.