SICTIC Investor Academy

9.1 Protecting Investors as Minority Shareholders 9.2 Term Sheet, Shareholders Agreement and Articles 9.3 Founder Vesting 9.4 Purchase Option, Good and Bad Leaver 9.5 Liquidation Preference 9.6 Dividend Preference 9.7 Right of First Refusal 9.8 Tag-Along (Co-Sale Right) 9.9 Drag-Along (Co-Sale Obligation) 9.10 Anti-Dilution Protection 9.11 Information Rights 9.12 Conversion to Common Shares 9.13 Share Sell-Back Right 9.14 Term Sheet

Exclusive members only workshop, available onsite only, with limited seating for 15 guests. Investors get deep insights into the topic of Deal Terms. There’s plenty of opportunity for Q&A and discussions at the workshop.