121st SICTIC Investor Day in Lugano

Startups on stage

  • ClimEase SA

    We are the first green SaaS to measure the Carbon Tax Exposure on company's operations & supply chains. We also streamline the newly mandate CBAM reporting for heavy industry and manufacturing clients. Lastly we provide an international green supplier database to further accelerate climate action.

  • Elephants Club

    Elephants is a global co-ownership platform that enables users to diversify their portfolios buying shares of iconic discontinued timepieces.

  • Elysium Lab

    Elysium is the Next-Gen Digital Assets Wallet, increasing security ownership in a simple experience. It is made for the daily activities of people as well as the operations of financial institutions.

  • Go Healthy

    We build a digital toolbox that helps mental health services to reduce dropout and increase therapy efficacy.

  • myDoctorAngel

    A pioneering virtual medical center, specializing in oncology with a breakthrough digital health platform poised to predict acute medical events and complications, integrating MedTech excellence into patient care.

  • Swiss Activities AG

    Swiss Activities simplifies the local and global reselling process of Swiss leisure activities.

  • WolfPak

    Unleashing AI driven, next-generation leadership training - better leaders for a better tomorrow.

Event Agenda

15:15 – Welcome coffee

15:45 – Welcome and Introduction by Thomas Billeter

15:50 – Keynote “Why Size and Positioning Matter a Lot – First-hand insights from scaling up ISSS, SICTIC and Swiss Tech Startups” by Thomas Dübendorfer

16:20 – Startup Pitches

17:50 – Closing Note by Thomas Billeter

18:00 – 18:30 – Aperitive

Startup Applications

Startups: If you want to pitch, please submit your project here. If accepted to pitch, you will get two free tickets to attend. We encourage startups that fulfil our investment criteria to submit their business case. We offer this service and the pitching at one of our events free of charge to startups. For each SICTIC Investor Day, a jury will select the eight most promising startups for pitching at the event.

Submit your startup project

Important: In case you don’t express your interest to pitch at an event in your application form, we will assume you would rather just to want share your business case with SICTIC members and investors and will not include your project in the selection process.

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