123rd SICTIC Investor Day – MedTech

Join us for the 123rd SICTIC Investor Day, where innovation meets investment in the dynamic world of MedTech. Set to take place on February 29th, this event promises to be a hub of groundbreaking ideas, pioneering startups, and strategic investment opportunities. We connect forward-thinking investors with the most promising Medtech startups.

Startups on stage

  • Aseptuva AG

    Aseptuva, the light against hospital infections - A medical device to combat catheter infections.

  • Cambridge Vision Technology (CVT)

    Cambridge Vision Technology (CVT) is developing an affordable and scalable hardware/software platform capable of identifying ocular biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in a primary-care setting. Our technology enables operators with minimal training to evaluate, screen and stratify whether a patient is currently exhibiting signs of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.


    IMPLANZ is changing how implantations are planned. Assessing bone quality and implant stability for the first time before the surgery.

  • MachineMD

    machineMD is a Swiss medical device company that develops innovative solutions to radically improve the early detection of brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, parkinson's or stroke using eye tracking and pupillometry. The company combines Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to empower neurologists and ophthalmologists with reliable diagnostic data.

  • Rhovica Neuroimaging AG

    Rhovica Neuroimaging optimizes with his SoNav EVD the emergency treatment of patients at risk of high brain pressure; saving time, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.


    A medical device software for blended psychotherapy.

  • Magnes AG


    AI-based continuous monitoring solution to achieve better clinical outcomes for neuro disorders

  • MediRapp AG

    MediRapp is transforming echocardiography to save people's lives.

  • Regenosca

    Urethral stricture leads to a tighter urinary passage. Open surgery is the gold standard, efficient but own inner mouth tissue is the payment. Endoscopic urethral repair with TissueSpan implants, promoting regeneration, is Regenosca’s solution for patients and for reduced healthcare costs.

Event Agenda

16:30 – Registration (On-Site Attendees)

17:00 – Welcome by SICTIC and Simon Rothen, CEO at sitem-insel and Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser, the president of Sitem Startup Club

17:10 – Welcome by Dr. Sebastian Friess, Amtsvorsteher of Amt für Wirtschaft Kanton Bern (AWI) and Head of Bern Economic Development Agency.

17:15 – Keynote “Medtech investing in Switzerland and EU – an early-stage VC’s perspective” by Dr. med. Daniel Dillinger, Principal at Redalpine

17:30 – Six Startup Pitching Session (8 min) + Q&A (5 min)

19:00 – 90 s MedTech startup intro sessions of additional startups with a booth

19:15 – Next steps

19:20 – Apero & networking with MedTech startup booths, live stream ends

19:20 – 21:00 Startup exhibition with booths

21:00 Event ends


Startup Applications

Startups: If you want to pitch, please submit your project here. If accepted to pitch, you will get two free tickets to attend. We encourage startups that fulfil our investment criteria to submit their business case. We offer this service and the pitching at one of our events free of charge to startups. For each SICTIC Investor Day, a jury will select the eight most promising startups for pitching at the event.

Submit your startup project

Important: In case you don’t express your interest to pitch at an event in your application form, we will assume you would rather just to want share your business case with SICTIC members and investors and will not include your project in the selection process.

Investor Registration

This event is intended primarily for angel investors (also novices). Family offices, fund managers and venture capitalists that want to invest in Swiss Startups are also welcome to attend.

SICTIC Investors and invited guests please use your promotion code to get your free ticket.

Investors: You can read the startup business cases before the event by joining our SICTIC Investor Community. You can then attend SICTIC Investor Days for free and get access to our online deal platform.

Limited seating. No entry without a valid ticket. No ticket sale at the event.

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