Stock Options Seminar with Cornèrtrader

Seminar on Stock Options with Cornèrtrader

Ever heard of covered calls, protective puts, and straddles? Learn about calls, puts, Greeks, and volatility on the public stock market and how the most important stock option investment strategies work.

Cornèrtrader invites interested investors to participate in a free one-hour seminar that introduces them to the world of stock options investing. This seminar takes place in the morning before the Swiss Fintech Investor Day 2019 at SIX CoventionPoint in seminar room “Venture” in the same building. Senior Product Specialist Massimo Salezze and Relationship Manager Christos Triantafyllidis will introduce you to the concept of stock options, as well as give you some practical instructions on how to trade them. The discussed instruments can be used for hedging, income generation, and short term market movements.

The seminar is offered free of charge by SICTIC Partner Cornèrtrader. Please note that we have limited availability of seats, and therefore strongly recommend early registration to secure your seat.