SICTIC – NOAH 2021 in Zurich

SICTIC’s Contribution
At NOAH Zurich Conference 2021

Almost no Swiss unicorns? Not true at all – we found 27 Swiss unicorn startups in the last 10 years that reached a valuation of USD 1 billion or more.

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The Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem
Investing the Right Way

Half of the Swiss Unicorns in healthtech/lifescience and the others in fintech, security, insurtech, data analytics, tourism and fashion. Another 30+ Swiss “soonicorns” are on the rise to become unicorns soon.

We list all unicorns in the slide deck that SICTIC presented on Dec 6th at NOAH Zurich Conference together with other interesting insights into the Swiss venture and angel investor ecosystem.

We have many amazing unicorns Switzerland, but why did no one talk about all of them so far? I like the typical Swiss understatement, but if we want to be ranked correctly in venture capital statistics, we need to be more outspoken about our startup successes!

Our speakers: Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, Dr. Ruediger Petrikowski,

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