SICTIC Startups

Bellow you can find all the startups that have pitched at previous Swiss ICT Investor Day events. If you are a startup founder looking to pitch for funding to SICTIC Investor Members, you can find out more here.

  • WorldHorseSport

    IP-TV Channel, E-Paper-Magazin, Portal und E-Commerce für Pferdesportinteressierte

  • 1banq4all


    Creating the first global social bank based on a global community of like minded and mindful people.

  • 3Bee srl

    Designs monitoring and diagnostic systems for farming animals in order to change the way in which they are managed, moving from the abuse of chemical and antibiotic treatments to data driven solutions.

  • 3Brain AG


    3Brain is the world’s first company having designed and realised high-resolution neuro-electronic interfaces to improve success in drug development and to be used in numerous applications in the fast-growing brain-computer interface industry.

  • 3rd-eyes

    The only navigation system for the self-directed investor

  • 9T Labs AG

    9T Labs redefines the frontiers of manufacturing by making the power of composites accessible at scale through technology.

  • AAAccell AG


    AAAccell offers PRIIPS solutions in Quantitative Finance, Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    Exit in 2020


  • Authena AG


    Authena is a blockchain and IoT based platform that revolutionizes how brands protect their products, reputaion and customers.

  • SA

    PropTech is the real estate firm that helps people selling their properties.

  • Acodis AG


    The document automation tool powered by machine learning.

  • Adaptricity

    Adaptricity develops cloud-based simulation software for the planning and optimization of electricity distribution grids. Adaptricity helps grid operators in the transition to renewable energy and SmartGrids by enabling data-driven, large-scale simulations that revolutionize grid planning and operation.

  • Adjoint


    Secure, accurate multi-asset smart contract template creation and analysis platform for structured products, OTC transactions, secured lending etc. on distributed ledger technology built for finance with the aim of reducing processing costs and enabling new business models for revenue generations.

  • AdrAds.TV

    AdrAds.TV fuels the future of TV advertising enabling digital linear TV with personal localised ads respecting viewers privacy, improving return on ads spent and increasing broadcaster’s revenue.

  • Advaisor AG


    Advaisor makes corporate culture measurable.

  • Advanced Sport Instrument/FieldWiz

    Born out of the encounter of sports and technology, Advanced Sport Instrument is specialized in the development of electronic performance and tracking systems

  • Advancience Ltd.

    We measure mental fitness and human cognition in a completely new way and deliver objective assessments for medical diagnostics in the field of mental health.

  • Advanon AG


    Advanon is an Online Platform for invoice financing for Small- and Medium Businesses.

    Exit in 2020


  • Aequaland Studio SA


    Empowering kids with the skills of the future in a playful, engaging, digital way.

  • Aesyra SA

    The smart dental appliance that takes bruxism care to the next level.


    (by Reportergenee) A DNA paper strip to know your food in minutes

  • | TARCO International

    AgAu is what is missing in the "Cryptocurrency Mania" - A true alternative to fiat currencies based on Blockchain. AgAu will issue two stable cryptocurrency tokens AgAu Gold & AgAu Silver. AgAu tokens represent direct ownership of 1 gram of 99.99% quality gold for AgAu.GLD and 1 gram of 99.99% quality silver for AgAu.SLV.

  • Agora Care AG


    Agora Care is developing the new generation of web-based, patient-centered storage for medical images.

  • Agrinorm AG


    Agrinorm is developing an AI-synergic solution for grading fresh produce

  • biped


    biped is a smart harness that uses self-driving technology to guide blind and partially-sighted people with 3D sounds.

  • Gossik AG

    Internet Platform

    Gossik is the digital assistant that learns from you to actively assist you in organizing.

  • MycoSense

    MycoSense develops technologies for harvest optimisation, helping increase the efficacy of human labor in agriculture.

  • Scrambl. AG


    We match young professionals to companies with the precision of headhunters for the costs of a job post.

  • Signifikant Solutions AG


    Significant offers an AI tool for continuous and automated analysis of advertising campaigns for both on and offline campaigns

  • Simulatory

    Simulatory is re-imagining surgical simulation training with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and haptics aided Smart Simulation Platform technology.

  • Twenty Pay

    Pay in less than 20 seconds at the restaurant... and so much more.

  • Bionomous

    Miniature entities automated sorting.   *Active Funding Round with SICTIC Investors

  • Kitro

    Internet Platform

    Simplifying food waste management in commercial kitchens.

  • Rea Diagnostics

    Rea develops medical technology for home testing of women healthcare diseases.

  • Vizar

    LightClash AR, the world’s first multiplayer AR laser-tag game on mobile, powered by our proprietary image processing technology.

  • Voltiris


    Voltiris enables local, independent and sustainable food supply

  • Zario

    Internet Platform

    Digital wellbeing app making you the master of your phone, not its slave.

  • Correntics


    Correntics empowers organizations to foresee and reduce climate risks in their global value chains.

  • GradeSens

    We at Gradesens offer end to end AI monitoring solutions for Technical Assets so that they can be operated smoothly without unplanned downtimes.

  • heyPatient AG

    heyPatient bridges the last mile in healthcare, digitizes and automizes patient interaction for hospitals and other stakeholders. Cost reduction, increased patient safety and increased revenue - thanks to heyPatient.

  • Pelt8 GmbH

    Internet Platform

    Pelt8 is a B2B SaaS and suite of APIs powering the sustainability ecosystem by turning complex disclosures into clean data.

  • ShareP AG

    Our innovative technology reduces city traffic and air pollution by allowing users to share parking spots and EV-charging points safely.

  • AgroSustain SA

    Other ICT

    A one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection

  • Ai Retailer Systems AG

    We develop computer vision technology to improve retailer’s profitability by automating in-store processes in the areas of real-time theft prevention and shelf intelligence

  • AI Retailer Systems AG

    We develop computer vision technology to improve retailer’s profitability by automating in-store processes in the areas of real-time theft prevention and shelf intelligence

  • Aidonic AG


    AIDONIC is an online platform for social fundraising and last mile aid distribution technology, to ensure transparency, traceability and accountability in humanitarian aid and development programs.

  • Aktiia SA


    24/7 Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Aktionariat AG


    Provides digital tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their shares on their own website.

  • Alaya

    Alaya is a complete solution for corporate social responsibility and employee engagement programs. A SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that facilitates employee volunteering, corporate giving and impact reporting.

  • Alethena


    Share tokenization services and token assessments

  • AlgoTrader GmbH

    Automated trading software for trading companies such as banks and hedge funds

  • Algrano AG

    Internet Platform

    Algrano is an easy-to-use, multi-sided platform that empowers producers to market their products directly to the processing industry.

  • Alohi

    Cloud based communication and faxing service for developing countries

  • Altkimya


    Breaking the complexity and costs of real-time data analytics with a next gen AI powered data factory

  • ambrpay

    Ambrpay allows businesses to accept subscription payments with cryptocurrency.


    Building a disruptive, as-a-service distribution platform for Mediterranean food products from artisanal, small scale producers, starting with extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO).

  • Amplify


    A digital platform to launch an advertising campaign as simple as a classified ad but with all the power of digital marketing.

  • Amplo AG

    Other ICT

    Amplo predictive maintenance cloud service

  • Analysis Mode

    AnalysisMode is a collaborative game to find vaccine formulas. Our AI reduce the vaccine discovery time from 14 months to 5 weeks

  • Anapaya Systems AG

    Internet Platform

    Anapaya is a developer of an internet architecture platform intended to provide secure inter-domain routing.

  • Animatico AG


    Animatico provides a solution for retailers to improve their customer experience by bringing brand characters to life on their in-store displays.

    Exit in 2022


  • Annanow Group AG


    Annanow is an ecosystem for instant deliveries; instant insurance and instant payment are also included in each transaction.

  • Ansalia

    Online platform for handmade products and handcraft

  • Apiax AG


    Transforming complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules.

  • Apilio Ltd.

    Unlock the full potential of your smart home devices with Apilio - for smart home automation with almost any connected device.

  • Appentura AG

    Internet Platform

    Appentura uses smartphone instructions to stage activities to create unique surprises. Including complete planning, organization and 24/7 hotline.

  • AppParental

    Cross-platform software utility to aid parents in Smartphone device usage by minors

  • Appygraph

    (by des p'tits bonheurs) Surprise your friends with personalized cards created on your mobile

  • Aquantis SA

    Providing inline measurement solutions to monitor industrial processes.

  • Arbalo AG

    Other ICT

    Arbalo operates a universal marketplace for cloud services. We consolidate technology, licenses and contracts from a broad range of suppliers offering fully automated and transparent operations with pay-as-you go billing.

  • Arbrea Labs AG

    We develop a real-time augmented reality mirror to pre-visualize breast reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

  • ARCATrust

    ARCATrust is positioning itself as the next EU cyber-security leader with main mission to handle our century’s data breach and leakages challenges providing a highly secure environment for multi-application execution. Its highly secure environment takes the form of a general purpose security platform covering the next generation security protocols offering a wide range of security features & functionalities. With the rise of Big data, digital transformation and Blockchain applications, Digital Assets security management becomes even more critical.

  • Archilogic

      Beautiful, interactive 3D Models of real estate interiors  

  • Archlet AG

    Other ICT

    Empowering companies to make better sourcing decisions faster.

  • Artivon

    Fostering healthy discourse in comment sections with artificial intelligence for newspapers and bloggers.

  • ARTregards

    A white label eCard service (SAAS) and social hub for art museums and art lovers

  • Arve Air by Dragonback Innovation GmbH

    Around 7 million people die every year from exposure to polluted air. As breathing is a basic need, we strongly believe that clean air is a human right and should therefore be accessible to everybody. With Arve Air we tackle the air pollution problem head-on, focusing on understanding people’s needs first-hand and build solutions that give people access to guaranteed clean air they can trust.


    (by ai-one inc) Analysis and matching of shoe print tracks in the forensic pattern analysis for the police

  • audiolingo

    The mobile platform audiolingo is the key for students to pass their foreign language exam with the stories and audios they love. As recommended by test institutions like TOEFL® or Cambridge. With exam readiness indicator and guided learning and content from major publishers like Bloomberg, Smithsonian or FT

  • aumico

    We redefine financial interactions between companies and their stakeholders

  • AVA Inc.


    AVA is a Swiss-American manufacturer of connected home products, with a focus on audio streaming and home control.

  • AVA-X GmbH

    The Swiss address for artificial intelligence AVA-X is a leader in facial recognition applications. We offer solutions for identifying people through artificial intelligence.

  • Axom Solutions


    We use deep learning to improve the inspection of the drugs injected into patients.

  • AZUM system AG

    Other ICT

    Azum is a unique planning and monitoring software that takes ambitious sports trainers and athletes to the next level.

  • b-rayZ GmbH

    We work to develop highest quality Artificial Intelligence medical software to save women lives through breast cancer early detection.

  • Balzano ScanDiags

    Saving money and improving quality for healthcare through A.I.-based automated MRI image interpretation in orthopedics

  • BAQ (Suisse) Sàrl

    At BAQ we care about radon and the quality of the air we breath, because it can save thousands of lives.


    (converted in Buildastiq) Cloud-Computing für die Baubranche      

  • Bearmind SA


    Bearmind protects athletes from the lifelong traumatism of brain injuries

  • BEAT Fitness SA

    Other ICT

    BEAT is Lausanne’s first pay-as-you-go fitness studio offering 45-minute Spinning, HIIT and Yoga workouts.

  • Beekeeper Holding Inc.


    Beekeeper is the only mobile communication platform your workforce will ever need. Schedule shifts, send messages securely, and share files with your employees with one easy-to-use app



  • BeeSolar Sàrl

    We offer an investment opportunity in photovoltaic projects

  • behavify

    behavify is a SaaS solution that reduces product returns in E-Com by combining Behavioral Economics with Machine Learning.

  • BEN Energy

      Data mining and customer engagement software for utility companies    

  • Benti

    innovative guitar synthesizer


    Implementation of a building information model (BIM) software with the rules of the art built-in

  • Beyond Scroll


    Beyond Scroll enables green hydrogen to play its critical role in the energy transition by making its production more efficient and its cost more competitive with our low-pressure compressor.

  • BigOmics Analytics SA

    Big Data/Analytics

    We are the creators of Omics Playground, a self-service analytics platform that empowers biologists to perform complex analysis and visualisation by themselves

  • BigOmics SA

    Empowering biologists with self-service analytics platforms to see and understand their data.         *Currently in Due Diligence with SICTIC Investors

  • Bike-Loft

    Automatisches Veloparking-System mit Abhol-Ankündigung durch App auf GPS-Handy

  • Billte


    Billte offers digital billing solutions for large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Our go-to-market strategy lies in the business partnerships with cantonal banks in Switzerland and output management providers to compete against PostFinance.

  • Carnault


    Carnault will rewrite the success of Marlboro with a significantly less invasive product.

  • Algorized


    Algorized pioneers scalable perception and sensing algorithms, offering ML-agnostic software to enable automotive, mobile, and IoT manufacturers to detect human activities, identify objects, and monitor vital signs even through walls and without wearables.

  • askEarth AG

    Predicting Earth's future I Powered by Machine Learning, Large Language Models & Satellite Data.

  • docjo

    Better Health in Your Hands - Apps on prescription. The smart way.

  • MindMetrix AG

    We are transforming mental health through advanced measurements of brain arousal via eye-tracking.

  • Tethys Robotics

    We develop compact high-end underwater drones that enable search, inspection and surveillance in tough waters.

  • BinaryEdge AG

    Cyber Security

    BinaryEdge combines Machine Learning and Cybersecurity techniques in a custom built platform to scan, acquire and classify public Internet data.

  • Bind Insure


    Bind makes it easy for banks of all sizes to advise and sell relevant insurance products at scale.

  • Bionomous


    At Bionomous, we combine innovative micro-engineering design and machine learning methods to develop devices that automatically inspect and sort miniature biological entities to accelerate research.

  • BioT SA

    Smart and Secure Device Management for Healthcare.    

  • Biowatch SA

    The world’s first wearable wrist vein recognition solution

  • BitsaboutMe AG

    From open banking to open everything - the next generation marketplace for personal data.

  • Blink AG

    Other ICT

    BLINK offers you professional driver training at fair prices.

  • Blocknify

    We allow you to legally sign documents and create approval processes with privacy and trust built-in.

  • Blocksport AG

    "Out of the box" social platform for sport clubs that combines information, community management, gamification, consumption and rewarding in one mobile solution.

  • BlogF

    A platform that connects and publishes premium content from women-owned blogs

  • Bloomio

    Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for seed stage startups

  • BLP Digital AG

    Track: Fintech - We are an ETH spin-off using Artificial Intelligence to automate information extraction from documents.

  • BookBedder

    Collaborative hotel booking site where guests and hotels join forces to drive down costs

  • Boomerang Ideas AG


    Boomerang Ideas is opening up social media to representative market research.

  • Brainalyzed

    We offer the first Artificial Swarm Intelligence software that gives banks an all-in-one solution for AI development to reduce cost and increase efficiency of portfolio decisions.

  • Brainiac Cloud

    An existing web based cloud platform equipped with a Machine Learning engine. Users can upload proprietary data and generate machine learning powered analysis and predictions. Standard algorithms are available. Endow general users with machine learning technology (considering general users those able to use excel)

  • Brian AG

    Brian is an AI-powered learning platform designed to help teachers create individualized and engaging learning environments on students’ smartphones.

  • Brightside

    AI/Machine Learning

    Developing the most sophisticated anti-phishing AI to provide personalized cyber awareness and protection to SMEs with high risk from breaches


    Other ICT

    Unlock the Potential of your Vehicle Data.

  • C Wire AG


    Advertising platform that makes every ad relevant

  • Cabtus

    Web2.0-Marktplatz, welcher das Taxigeschäft in Europa umkrempelt

  • Calico Biosystems

    Calico Biosystems is predicting life-changing drugs for cancer patients.

  • Calingo Insurance AG

    Calingo is revolutionizing insurance with fair and digital solutions, establishing modern sales channels for a hassle-free experience.

  • Aseptuva AG

    Aseptuva, the light against hospital infections - A medical device to combat catheter infections.

  • Rhovica Neuroimaging AG

    Rhovica Neuroimaging optimizes with his SoNav EVD the emergency treatment of patients at risk of high brain pressure; saving time, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.


    YLAH, a Swiss startup in digital health, creates a SaaS medical device for blended psychotherapy, enhancing patient and therapist journeys in treatment.

  • MediRapp AG

    MediRapp is transforming echocardiography to save people's lives.

  • Regenosca

    Urethral stricture leads to a tighter urinary passage. Open surgery is the gold standard, efficient but own inner mouth tissue is the payment. Endoscopic urethral repair with TissueSpan implants, promoting regeneration, is Regenosca’s solution for patients and for reduced healthcare costs.

  • Xelidoni

    Xelidoni's smart AI inspection app goal is to efficiently identify damages in rental homes and cars, ensuring a smooth and accurate check-in and check-out process for both renters and owners

  • Solid watts

    Industrial process heating fit for the 21st century. Efficient. Limitless. Clean.


    Empowering Trust and Transparency in Insurance with Protocol 6022

  • Rimon Technologies

    Rimon is on a mission to prevent organizational knowledge loss, working to solve a multi-billion-dollar problem in the maintenance, repair, and operations industry.

  • Shockwaves

    Launch gamers' careers to become professionals and make a living from their passion with Shockwaves.

  • DPhi Space

    DPhi Space is building shared satellites to make access to space simpler and more affordable

  • Caplena AG

    AI/ML uses Augmented Intelligence to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to analyze large amounts of free text from reviews or responses to open-ended questions.

  • Carbon Delta AG

    Other ICT

    Carbon Delta helps to uncover climate risks and opportunities in the financial markets

    Exit in 2019


  • Carcodex

    Simplifying complex decisions online

  • Care Connect

    A fully digital platform for exchange of work resources of home care nurses, including a free of charge digital professional web application to document the work done.

  • CareerFairy AG

    Internet Platform

    "The platform for students, universities and employers to meet in an authentic and engaging way."

  • CareUP Network AG

    Internet Platform

    We mobilize/keep and empower home caregivers to optimize their resources through an exchange digital platform.

  • Cashare

    Erste Crowdlending- und Crowdsupporting-Plattform der Schweiz

  • CashSentinel

    Mobile escrow service replacing checks, cash and unsecure bank transfers

  • CatchEye

    We develop algorithms to improve communication in video calls

  • CatchMyPain

    (by Sanovation) Die richtige Diagnose und beste Behandlung für Schmerzpatienten finden

  • Caveo AG


    Caveo is the platform for more clarity in the pension and insurance jungle: digital & simple. We democratize access to insurance and financial well-being planning through a digital, customer-centric approach.

  • Centi LTD


    With Centi you can easily wire Micropayments in real-time at almost no cost

  • Chip-ing AG


    Chip-ing has developed the first smart ICT golf ball that connects players online.

  • Citiviz

    Urban intelligence computing and geo-visualization ecosystem for decision making

  • Citus

    Mechanics of skin health - improved skin diagnostics through mechanical characterization.

  • Classtime AG


    Classtime is a web-based tool for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students level of understanding.

  • ClearSpace SA


    ClearSpace designs agile satellites able to find, capture and remove non-functioning or unresponsive satellites from their orbits in space.



    Clever Energy for a Better Future

  • Cleveron AG

    Reduces the energy consumption of public buildings, schools, hotels or commercial properties such as offices and shops and improves the air quality in the spaces we use every day in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

  • clickahoy by Ship-Ahoy GmbH

    Our goal is to develop the first software solution which makes it possible to locate, unlock and drive boats as well as to collect a variety of nautical and ship-related data.

  • CloudBroker

    High Performance Computing Software as a Service - "HPC at your fingertips

  • coach better AG

    Other ICT

    The Most User-Friendly, 360° Training Planning and Team Management App in Football

  • coatingAI AG

    Other ICT

    coatingAI automates the coating process through AI



    Healthy teeth whitening and care products that fit seamlessly into your routine so you can feel your best.

  • COD Technologies

    Collaborative Ontology Development (COD) is an intelligent social semantic platform that facilitates exchanging online resources among people who have common interests, passions or expertise

  • Codecheck AG

    Other ICT

    Checking groceries with the mobile application and buy healthy food.

    Exit in 2022


  • collectID AG


    Authenticity and Transparency through IoT and Blockchain Technology

  • Comeetapp

    Meet new people as easy and comfortable as meeting existing friends


    CommoChain brings trust in physical commodity trading and a new way of financing trading houses by streamlining and securing the operations via the Blockchain.

  • CommoChain SA

    Streamlining communications of commodity trading operations.


    Keeps your address book up-to-date across devices and social networks


    Private social network for organizations, focused on connecting people who are sharing interests, values, backgrounds and where all of them are part of a common organization

  • Conode

    (by AG) Most efficient work experiences by combining all digital productivity tools into one single platform

  • Conprocs

    Medical profiling to predict the clinical course of patients, to find the best treatment solution and to avoid side effects. Our customers are health insurances, the national ministry of health and the pharmaceutical industry

  • Contovista AG


    Swiss Contovista AG is specialized in the analysis and visualization of financial data.

    Exit in 2017


  • Controlled Cloud Company

    Most secure cloud storage provider worldwide with unique encryption technology for content and metadata

  • Cooala

    Playfully connect with brands

  • Cookits

    Gourmet home cooking kits for easy preparation of high quality organic meals created by young top Chefs

  • Corpax

    A game-­changing team collaboration software enhanced by artificial intelligence


    Cortexia is the first AI solution to help cities get clean and reduce cleaning costs.

  • Cosibon

    Wir bieten Händlern eine neue Sicht auf ihre Kunden und Herstellern einen Endkundenkontakt

  • Cosmobutler

    E-service platform for convenient services (i.e. laundry, shoe care) - delivered

  • Coteries

    Social network app on mobile for a new fan experience

  • Covalo AG

    Internet Platform

    It is a search platform that connects beauty brands with suppliers. It also arms suppliers with tools and industry insights to effectively market products.

  • craolo

    We provide a micro-pooling platform that enables our users to save up to 50% on insurance costs

  • Creaitor

    Creaitor is shaping the future of content creation with over 70 AI wizards, support for more than 40 languages, SEO tools, and more, we offer a versatile suite for digital content creation



    Making a light-field projector. Light-field is a key to blending the virtual images into the real world and, thus, the missing link to truly functional Mixed Reality.


    Unabhängiger, Website-übergreifender, kollaborativer Produktbewertungs- und Empfehlungsdienst

  • Crowd

    (by Gimalon AG) The mobile assistant for social time planning. It helps you to answer the 4 essential questions of your social life – what, where, when and who – easier than any other app before

  • Crowd4Cash by Crowd Solutions AG

    Crowd4Cash is an online loan platform for SME and consumer loans that enables investments in loans for investors and loans with lower interest rates for borrower through a direct connection between the parties, loans without a bank in the middle.

  • Crypto Real Estate Ltd / SwissRealCoin

    Disrupting the real estate sector by developing a data-driven management & investment assistant, while at the same time creating a sustainable growth token - a crypto safe-haven with an asset link - making real estate accessible to a new segment of investors.

  • Cuciniale

    Cuciniale is becoming the leading operating system for smart cooking appliances by enabling everybody to perfectly cook with just a few finger taps

  • Cynos AG


    Cynos is a full-service compliance provider supporting financial institutions to cope with various financial regulations by digital solutions and comprehensive compliance services.

  • DAAV

    Health /Med /Biotech

    DAAV is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing enhanced mobility services. Our focus is on robotic transportation for individuals with reduced mobility in indoor environments, with a specific emphasis on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in airports. Through years of research, we have developed an autonomous omni-directional robotic wheelchair, called DAAV-air, which offers exceptional maneuverability and reliability.

  • Daedalean AG


    Autonomous flight control for the small electric personal aircraft of the near future.

  • datascoop

    Boosting data journalism through correlated data story discovery and workbenches.

  • Deep Cube SA


    DEEP CUBE is swiss AI startup doing medical image diagnosis with AI. Their mission to aid doctors to be efficient and accurate at diagnosis.


    We allow users to turn their photos into paintings of famous artist with just a few clicks

  • Deepico AG

    Enterprise Software

    Deepico is a cutting-edge family of cloud-based ERP systems from Switzerland designed specifically for the food industry, enabling companies to streamline their operational processes and achieve a 25% increase in efficiency, making it a promising solution for the future of the industry.

  • DeepJudge AG


    The next-generation AI-powered context-sensitive legal document processing platform.

  • Deeplight


    Frequency agile lasers on a chip for sensing applications

  • derma2go AG

    With derma2go we offer patients leading dermatological services in hours, regardless of their location.

  • Deskbird AG

    Internet Platform

    On-demand access to flexible workspaces

  • Deski by open2work GmbH

    Is your office space "à la Airbnb": Established companies with too much office space publish their workspace on and users can book these workplaces and meeting rooms on a daily basis or monthly basis just for specific recurring weekdays.

  • MatterSphere by Diamond Digital AG


    We offer as an all-in-one Commodity Trade Finance (CTF) Solution. We also developed the ERC-20 stable coin DiamondCoin solution backed by investment grade diamonds.

  • Diplomero

    Diplomero connects teachers and students online. Teach once. Learn where, when and how you want

  • Witty Works AG


    "Witty Works develops AI-based language and B2B software. Detects biased language."

  • do nxt

    Monthly recurring crowdfunding for artists and creatives

  • DoryGo


    We offer an all-round carefree service to relieve patients from the burden of managing their medication

  • Dotphoton AG


    Validated image compression for critical applications and AI

  • Drallo

    Platform enhancing existing assets in the tourism industry and create experiences

  • AG

    Extracting data from financial statements of SMEs and enrich them with third-party data to create meaningful business insights for banks and insurance companies.

  • Drone Harmony AG

    Infrastructure Digitalization: Smart Navigation & Autopilot for Drones.

  • DynaMetrics Sàrl

    "Credit-bility", the Automated Credit Scoring tool that help Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Underwriters and Risk Managers do their job better, faster & cheaper. We deliver on 3 types of Use Cases: 1) automation of the process AND/OR 2) our Innovative Credit Scoring model AND/OR 3) "Credit-as-a-Service".

  • Exnaton AG


    Rethinking renewable energy with data analytics and apps

  • e5

    (by Blankpage AG) Electronic publishing technology to maximize the business and usability impact

  • eBanking Payment

    disrupts the payment industry prices helping e-commerces and non-profits collect credit transfers payments directly & instantly on their bank account, thereby bypassing expensive payment cards fees

  • EcoRobotix SA

    Other ICT

    ecoRobotix develops revolutionary autonomous robots allowing to reduce negative impact of modern agriculture on the environment

  • eduwo by Digital Advisory AG

    Eduwo digitalizes and disrupts the education and career market through a data based peer-to-peer matchmaking platform using an automated algorithm.

  • Eleven Dynamics GmbH


    Eleven Dynamics offers software to automate industrial quality control, using robotics and optical sensors to reduce waste and cost.


    eLocations is the proptech meta-platform that does for the global retail property industry what Trivago has done for the travel sector

  • Elqano

    Our software enables office workers to find exactly the information they need and to share their deepest business knowledge INSTANTLY

  • Embion Technologies SA

    Other ICT

    We empower access to next-gen nutrition innovation through our platform technology.

  • eMonitor

    eMonitor is a real estate B2B white-label CRM that digitizes and automates the rental process for apartment managers and sales process for home-vendors.

  • Emovo Care SA


    Emovo develops accessible robotic devices to support independence in daily living for people with hand motor impairments.

  • enhance-d


    The single digital hub for diabetes self-management.

  • ESG Explorer

    Our B2B SaaS platform leverages process mining technology to provide insights into sustainability goals and actionable recommendations in real-time.

  • Evermore

    We use augmented reality to bring back to memory a large number of people, who passed away. This helps their offsprings remember them for centuries

  • Everon AG


    The first independent Swiss digital Private Banking solution, enabling B2C and B2B2C access to affluents internationally.

  • Evolve VR

    Virtual reality technology that improves psychotherapeutic treatments

  • Experify AG


    Make the world your showroom. With your potential buyers can experience your products everywhere: by reaching out to customers nearby, who already own your products. For an authentic opinion, and a real-life product experience.


    An agile workforce marketplace - matching on-demand workforce from an aggregated pool of resources: contractors, consulting firms and employees

  • Faba Gmbh

    A virtual server who ends needless waiting and streamlines restaurant service for increased sales and happier guests

  • faceYOU

    Is the full-service provider for professional profile videos. We provide hosting/streaming, online- and on-site coaching and video-production

  • faive robotics

    We automate complex manipulation tasks for big industry clients with a versatile manipulation platform driven by dexterous robotic hands and AI trained on human observations.

  • Fan Valley

    Cloud based mobile application that powers sports fan clubs and revolutionizes the way fans interact

  • Farmy AG


    Farmy is the online shop for regional and organic products

  • Fastree3D

    3D imaging sensors for autonomous vehicles and automotive driving assistance that locate and recognize fast moving objects in real-time

  • Faveeo SA


    Collaborative web and social media information discovery and monitoring platform.

  • FbSocialPet

    Social network for animals where owners impersonate their pets and where veterinaries, trainers and specialized lawyers interact

  • Fidectus AG

    Fidectus is transforming the OTC energy trading industry by automating post OTC energy trading processing enabling new tools for cash-flow management, prediction, and credit risk reduction.

  • fidentity AG


    Integrating an audited KYC solution into an existing business process: simple, secure and flexible

  • finhorizon

    Sophisticated digital advice in easy to read form that helps selecting the right assets to invest in

  • Fintune AG


    We empower kids to master money in a responsible way.

  • Fitch

    The drone companion for fishermen that casts your bait anywhere you want

  • FitWorld

    A platform that brings real-live instructors and contents worldwide to everyone, and connects local fitness content suppliers to global audience.

  • Five to Midnight

    Shop in Shop concept where customer can design and try on custom made clothing in 3D

  • Fixposition AG


    Fixposition simplifies autonomous navigation by increasing reliability and expanding availability of positioning.

  • Fjuul Vision Oy

    we provide an engagement platform that enables insurers to grow their business at lower risk

  • flatfox

    flatfox builds a technological ecosystem for rental flats in Europe.


    Vermittlungsplattform für Mini-Jobs

  • FluoSphera SA


    FluoSphera develops Liquid Microphysiological Systems to better predict the efficacy and safety of candidate drugs with an unprecedented multiplexing capacity.

  • Flybotix SA

    We do professional inspection drones that operate inside industrial assets. Thanks to our ASIO drone technology we contribute in saving lives, money and the planet.

  • Flyerbee AG

    a Software-as-a-Service platform for outdoor & indoor advertising business operations and for increasing and measuring ad campaign engagement

  • Footsnap AG

    Internet Platform

    Innovative solutions provider for the e-commerce shoe industry

  • Forseti

    WINNER of the SICTIC Blockchain Challenge and Crypto Valley Association Blockchain Awards 2018, Early Stage Category.

    Building decentralized, self-regulating expert communities, motivated to produce fair dispute resolutions, facts validation, trustable data feeds and event reporting, by offering mathematically balanced incentives based on a unique reputation system.

  • Fotokite by Perspective Robotics AG


    Fotokite is a vehicle-integrated aerial camera system that provides public safety teams with mission critical situational awareness.

  • Foxstone SA


    Foxstone is a Swiss online real estate investment platform providing capacity into direct co-ownership, co-investment and mezzanine debt.

  • Frontify AG

    Other ICT

    The all-in-one brand management platform, enriching brands with consistency and clarity.

  • FroXx-Industries


    We help people to unite with their machines, technologies to become more productive, faster, cost-saving, and relevant.

  • Futurae Technologies AG

    Cyber Security

    Futurae offers IT security solutions and a smart authentication software called Sound-Proof.

  • Gait Up SA

    A hardware-based solution (Physilog sensor) to analyse motions for sport and health variables --> licenced to sport and watchmakers

  • Gapfruit

    Cyber Security

    Introducing a new level of onfidence to computer systems. Gapfruit enables people to build truly trustworthy products.

  • GeneLook AG

    Track: Healthtech - GeneLook is a patient-responsive DNA-sharing Platform to enable patients "Broadcast" their genetic mutations with the pharmaceutical industry for biomarker and drug discovery.

  • GeneLook AG.

    GeneLook is a patient-responsive DNA-sharing Platform to enable patients "Broadcast" their genetic mutations with the pharmaceutical industry for biomarker and drug discovery.



    We develop and sell digital b2b booking platforms for hotel and corporates

  • Get More Brain AG


    Get More Brain – We make corporate learning a 
competitive advantage.


    Turnkey B2B SaaS product to launch, manage & automate innovation programs within large enterprises, backed by proven methods and a plug & play innovation ecosystem.

  • GetYourGuide AG

    Internet Platform

    Book tickets for top attractions around the world.



  • Giotto by L2F SA


    "Dedicated to create the next generation of machine learning"

  • Gmelius SA


    Gmelius reinvents your inbox to build valuable customer relationships.

  • Goodwall SA


    Building the professional development network for the next generation.

  • Gookers

      Connect on Gookers and find ready-meals available now around you    

  • GovFaces

    The first global political network for connecting citizens and their elected representatives online

  • GradeSens AG

    At GradeSens, we empower our customers with comprehensive AI solutions and expertise, enabling them to optimize their critical assets while also helping our strategic partners increase their revenues

  • grape insurance AG


    grape is the first employee insurer built around a full-stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving our members.

  • Greenastic

    First environmental-friendly web platform that matches plants specifically to customers needs allowing them to create a pesticide-free garden

  • greenTEG AG


    greenTEG develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensor solutions for heat flux and laser power/position measurements and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products.


    Global investment platform leveraging blockchain technology through collective and artificial intelligence. GURUVEST is targeting millennial users by providing an App focusing on impact investing and gives risk analysis and impact investing scores of each investment through a blockchain protocol

  • GUURU Solutions AG


    GUURU’s expert community platform enables online shops to offer individualised advice to all eStore visitors at scale. AI based SmartRouting instantly connects advice seeking consumers with real experts from the community

  • HammerDrum AG

    Pioneering geothermal drilling tech, shrinking construction sites, slashing costs, and enabeling urban sustainability worldwide

  • happyBello AG is the for dog owners. The first professional online booking platform geared to the needs of dog owners.

  • Healios AG

    Other ICT

    We aim to improve people’s lives by empowering healthcare professionals and clinical research teams via innovative, AI-powered software medical devices

  • Health Yourself


    Health Yourself is a digital health startup making routine healthcare services available digitally and from home.

  • Hegias AG


    Democratizes Virtual Reality (VR) via browser for every device and every VR headset - as did Content Management Systems (CMS) in the internet to enable Web 2.0, the breakthrough of the internet as a mass medium.

  • Helvengo AG


    Helvengo's digital MGA model offers 360°-SME insurance solutions.



    The platform provides insights through the power of AI in litigation, investigations, M&A and compliance.

  • Herlock Insights AG

    Herlock is transforming the legal service delivery with it's AI-powered case analysis tool, helping lawyers efficiently manage the increasing amount of data in legal cases (dispute resolution, investigations, M&A and compliance).

  • Hexagro Urban Farming

    provides scalable, modular, and automate indoor farming systems to allow anybody, anywhere access healthy food

  • Hi-D Imaging AG

    Provides two AI based platforms for the heart professionals at the clinics and heart valve manufacturers. We aim to (1) provide patient-tailored heart valve replacement operation; (2) decrease heart failure and readmission and (3) optimize the design of next-generation heart valves.

  • HIVE

    Customer relationship management platform that centralizes customer activity for both customers and brands.

  • Hive Power

    Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation and management of local energy communities on the blockchain, providing an economic optimization for their participants by lowering their bills and valorizing their assets. In collaboration with meter producers, Hive Power is building a blockchain ready energy meter, which allows to safely tokenize energy.

  • Hive Power Sagl

    Hive Power is helping Energy Suppliers and Grid Operators, to optimise their operation, through a SaaS platform for Smart Grid Analytics.

  • Hoken

    Bringing household content Insurance to your fingertips

  • hoolio

    hoolio is an online platform that puts fun into fitness by making it possible for you to workout with friends, integrate your wearables and track your fitness progress

  • Hoome

    (Converted in CASASOFT): Intelligente Wohnraumvermittlung in Engpass-Städten

  • Hoskit Solutions

    Reservation system “à la performance” individual hotel properties

  • House of Helmet


    With the same business model as Moo and Vistaprint, leader for 2D printing, House of Helmet is building a new automated 3D robotic technology for custom printing on helmets and uneven surfaces at a lower cost, high accuracy, no intermediary, no stock and no minimum order.

  • Hydromea SA


    Hydromea makes the subsea world more autonomous, affordable and accessible with miniaturized robotics and wireless communication technologies.

  • Hystrix medical AG

    Other ICT

    We digitize procurement and sales processes in healthcare, so you gain more speed, efficiency and transparency.

  • iCompare

    Innovativer Telekom Vergleichsdienst fürs Smartphone

  • Ifluenz

    Ifluenz connects advertisers to influential Instagram users all around the world

  • IMburse AG


    Imburse is a cloud-based "transaction-as-aservice" platform that acts as an orchestrator of the € 7 trillion in transactions for insurers.

    Exit in 2023


  • immpres Sagl

    Platform with tools and services for easy creation of highly interactive 3D VR experiences for the Web and for info terminals

  • iMusician Digital AG

    Enabling musicians to manage their copyrights (distribution and royalty collection) to maximise their income

  • Imverse SA


    IMVERSE is a spin-off from EPFL developing software and providing services for Mixed Reality content creation.

  • InkVivo

    Health / Med / Biotech

    At InkVivo we combine our biomaterial platform with advanced manufacturing approaches to fabricate novel drug delivery systems that ensure temporal controlled release of active ingredients.

  • inmodi

    To help keep knees healthy and prevent unnecessary knee surgeries, we are developing a smart wearable platform that can diagnose and assess knee health at any Point of Care, quantify the results, allowing objective monitoring of knee health progression and therapy efficacy.

  • Insightness AG


    We build visual systems to give mobile devices spatial awareness.

    Exit in 2019


  • Insolight SA


    Insolight is developing next-generation solar modules.

  • InSphero


    3D in vitro models empowering researchers to fuel a new era of breakthrough therapies

  • insun sa

    The most advanced 3D photovoltaic software simulator as cloud based service platform for photovoltaic value chain players

  • Interaction Partners AG


    Interaction Partners is a Swiss Investor Relations Services & Advisory firm built around the idea of ‘Capital Market Empowerment for Issuers’.

  • Inventify AG

    Other ICT

    Inventify's codeless innovation platform empowers businesses to create digital products and services without writing a single line of code.

  • iSense AG

    Internet Platform

    iSense specifies the taste of flavors and connects flavor houses to food and beverage manufacturers, efficiently.

  • Albus Protocol

    Digital identity & zkKYC infrastructure for Web3 on public blockchains

  • Carrat

    A new dimension for personal security

  • Yego

    Reinventing digital interaction, starting with people with disabilities.

  • Cyberion

    Cyberion is a Swiss start-up providing active cyber insurance to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Genknowme


    Empowering healthcare with epigenetic diagnostics, bridging curative to precision medicine.

  • PhenomX Health SA

    PhenomX Health is a FemTech company using expert driven AI to analyse hormonal health symptoms combined with home-based scientific biomarkers to provide precision nutrition recommendations that honor the biochemical uniqueness of midlife women.

  • LivXP AG

    Sports Experience Marketplace for Passionate Fans.

  • Flink

    We're pioneering software intelligence that transforms robots into plug-and-play systems for material handling.

  • straintest/

    We are the next-generation crack monitoring company.

  • jacando

    disrupting the human resources industry, through an innovative cloud system

  • James

    (by CrowdProcess) James brings the power of Machine Learning to your Credit Risk Department, allowing you to build better scoring models


    (by 4U-Group AG) Alles Können dieser Welt auf einer Plattform

  • Jobzippers

    Swiss- and Europe-wide network connecting universities, students/graduates/alumnis, companies as well as foundations

  • Joinbox

    All deine sozialen Netzwerke, E-Mails und Online-Nachrichten auf einer schicken Website

  • Jurata AG


    Affordable, effortless access to legal services for everyone.

  • Kaddz

    (by Attrackting) Intelligent cat collar using mobile phone networks and GPS technology to track and record the activity of their pet

  • KAI

    is a market-ready cloud solution which enables their users to achieve massive quality improvements, time savings and cost reductions in construction and real estate projects

  • kaiosID SA

    An elegant and non-invasive traceability solution to help brands to fight counterfeiting and grey market.

  • Kaspar&


    We democratize Wealth Management

  • Key of Aurora

    The first bespoke online platform for fashion & accessories made by craftsmanship ateliers

  • KEYP

    Intelligentes GPS und GSM basiertes Schlüsselfundsystem mit mobile app

  • Kido Dynamics SA

    Other ICT

    Kido Dynamics provides tools for companies to deeply understand people’s mobility patterns.

  • Kireego

    Connecting Businesses with Communities


    provides food and beverage outlets with an innovative solution to optimize their performance by reducing avoidable food waste

  • KiWi

    Micro-merchants in emerging markets with a point of sale, so that they can accept cards payments, get loans and manage their sales directly from an app

  • Klepsydra Technologies GmbH

    Other ICT

    Klepsydra develops edge computing software that has three main features: faster data processing, low power consumption and no hardware upgrades required.

  • KleverKey


    SaaS Access Control for Business.

  • Klimpr

    Klimpr offers an extremely simple way to send money to friends and family directly on smartphones


    Internet Platform

    Kollabo - the deep job platform for skilled blue collar workers

  • Komed Health AG


    The “Slack” for the Health Care industry. Fully secured & protected data. Easy to integrate. Patient centric. Accelerating workflows of care teams. Improving care.



    KOMP-ACT's mission is to accelerate the advent of a sustainable electric machinery industry.

  • Kuori


    Replacing harmful materials, such as those found in shoe soles, with sustainable alternatives made from food waste for a circular economy, eliminating the release of microplastics.

  • Largo

    New business models for the movie industry with a technology for data driven moviemaking (B2B) and a Netflix-like short film streaming solution (B2C).

  • Largo Films SA


    Making the data-driven movie-making accessible to the market through our high level film understanding technologies.

  • Layne Group AG

    With Layne, car owners can sell their cars at a fair price, without the usual hassles.

  • LeadingTennis

    Digital network and mobile application for finding suitable tennis partners

  • LeaseTeq AG


    LeaseTeq is the most innovative leasing provider by making leasing digital, fast, simple and secure

  • LEDCity AG


    LEDCity is developing a sensor-controlled plug-and-play lighting system to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

  • Leevia srl

    Leevia is a Digital Marketing product suite that allows brands, companies and media agencies to create and manage Online Contests.

  • legal-i

    Legal case processing system. We empower legal professionals with AI in helping them to know which facts and legal data (such as articles of law, judgments and legal literature) are case relevant and which recommendations were given to clients in similar cases.

  • Legartis Technology AG


    The Legartis’ SaaS-solution enables companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds, pulling up-to-date data any time.

  • Léman Micro Devices SA


    Cuff-less and Calibration-free blood pressure measurements in smartphones, wearables other devices to medical accuracy

  • LEND – Switzerlend AG


    By cutting out the middleman (banks), our marketplace lending platform transacts funds more efficiently.

  • Lenditapp

    A Cloud-Based, Business Solution for the Alternative Small Business Lending Marketplace

  • Lendity

    Centralized access to high grade loans originated on marketplace lending platforms across the globe

  • Leva Capital Partners AG

    Leva is the first decentralized private equity co-investment platform, making private equity co-investment accessible to everybody.

  • Lighthouse Tech

    Lighthouse is a smart eyewear frame equipped with front-facing sensors that scan the environment and alert blind and visually impaired people of hazards located above their waist, an area totally unprotected by the traditional white cane. An open window, a protruding tree branch or the rear end of a truck all pose a serious threat. These accidents often require medical attention and reduce self-confidence and well-being. Fear of collisions impacts peoples' choices, resulting in negative societal impacts.

  • Lightly AG


    Lightly (YC S21) helps companies to improve machine learning models by curating vision data

  • Live Track AG

    Other ICT

    Reducing worldwide transport cost and emission relevantly in Facility-Management, Supply-Chain and Waste-Management.

  • LocalBini AG

    Internet Platform

    LocalBini is the go-to platform for cultural, fun and unique City Experiences across Europe with Locals.

  • Locatee AG


    Locatee is the leading workplace analytics solution that transforms complex data into meaningful insight for your entire corporate real estate portfolio

  • LogBook

    Building the #1 Platform to browse global transport network nodes, manage private locations, and enable autonomous logistics operations.

  • Logikids

    Web application simplifying administrative and educational management

  • LuckaBox Logistics AG


    LuckaBox is a carrier-independent delivery experience platform for retailers and their customers.

  • Lucy Security AG

    With the LUCY Phishing and Cyberprevention Sever we make simulated Internet Attacks an IT-Security Awarness Trainings available and affordable to everybody.

  • Luma 7

    Automatic creation of links between online information like websites, articles or text

  • Lykke: the future of markets

    Lykke will be THE operating system for online financial transactions, like Google is the operating system for online searches

  • MachineMD

    Reduce suffering through earlier diagnosis of brain diseases.

  • MagicTomato SA

    Ultra local and sustainable groceries delivered the same day !

  • Magnes AG


    AI-based continuous monitoring solution to achieve better clinical outcomes for neuro disorders

  • Mapclever

    Simplify the traveller’s life by automated route planning and optimisation solutions for business travel

  • Matchspace Music


    Matchspace Music is a full-service platform that makes music accessible to all.


    MATIS, a hardware and software company, provides a unique, robust, and secure fully encrypted solution for art authentication and investment.

  • matriq AG


    matriq offers innovative solutions for the part-individual marking of plastic components of all kinds.

  • MaxBrain AG


    MaxBrain is a learning app for instructor facing, blended and online courses. The tool is designed for quick and easy learning, for the busy professional to learn whenever and wherever they have time and capacity.

  • Medical Visualization

    A novel 3D visualization depicting the complex human embryo anatomy events underlying pregnant women sensitization

  • Meloncast by Ctrl-R GmbH

    Meloncast gives marketers the insights they need to produce highly optimized and targeted content for their specific audience with the help of machine learning.  

    *Currently in Due Diligence with SICTIC Investors

  • Memonic

    Ihr online Notizbuch für Enterprise Knowledge Curation

  • Memox Innovations AG

    Internet Platform

    Memox Innovations provides workshops, scheduling, and meeting spaces.

  • MENU Technologies AG

    Internet Platform

    MENU Digital Restaurant Ecosystem. For bigger revenues and amazing guest experience!

    Exit in 2020


  • merakoi

    Patient-enriched insights - We combine large-scale data collection and machine learning with patient expertise allowing us to systematically inject insights about the real life of patients into the drug development process.

  • Mergims

    Online bills payment aggregator for basic urgent services and products

  • mia&noa SA


    mia&noa fixes everything that is wrong with coffee to go today.

  • milliPay

    Online payment system for small and micro amounts

  • Minebox

    Pioneering peer-to-peer, smart contract mediated, secure data storage

  • Miraex SA


    Miraex offers photonic and quantum solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing.

  • Mirrakoi SA

    Mirrakoi provides clinicians with a complete plug-and-play solution to 3D print patient-specific models as easily as printing a text document with a regular printer.

  • Mithras Technology AG


    Making wearables energy autonomous through thermoelectric human body energy harvesting.

  • Mitipi

    Developed Kevin, the virtual roommate against burglars. Kevin is a plug and play security solution, simulating presence, by leveraging light, audio and shadow effects, to pretend that someone is home. It's all integrated into an own device. Our software platform enables additional revenue streams.

  • MoComics SA

    Connects new and confirmed comics, manga, graphic novels and children book authors with their worldwide growing millennial audience and provides a new experience to display comics with parallax effect

  • Modum

    combining IoT sensors with blockchain technology to provide data integrity for transactions of physical products

  • Moka Studio

    In a world where 3D spreads across all medias, the urge to create faster 3D content grows every day. Mosketch provides a solution that accelerates production cycles by at least a factor of 3 and reduces budgets proportionally

  • Monito

    the for the $600bn+ money transfer industry, helping 200 million migrants find, compare and review money transfer services

  • hoggo

    An AI-driven platform for B2B trust where sellers showcase & improve compliance and buyers can evaluate and monitor them

  • Panop by Ducksify

    Next Generation SaaS Attack Surface Management, from detection to automated remediation of security weaknesses

  • Precisia Care

    Precisia Care' AI-based solutions boost hospital care efficiency and patient safety by leveraging real-time bedside data

  • Ystorian

    Ystorian is creating a cutting-edge IT security platform for SMEs, offering real-time monitoring of IT assets



    Turning smart home data into personalised recommendation.

  • Morgen AG


    Morgen is the central hub for all your calendars, tasks, with built-in scheduling technologies, and with a smart scheduling assistant to help organize meetings, scoping work items.

  • MountainDayz

    E-Commerce und Yield Management-Plattform für Bergbahnen

  • MPower Ventures AG

    Big Data/Analytics

    MPower is a tech4impact start-up that creates a b2b platform to finance & deploy affordable clean energy to households & SMEs. We leverage our software and data platform to access end user data, create credit profiles and reduce default risks to a minimum.

  • Multiwave Metacrystal AG

    Multiwave Metacrystal drives a step change in cancer detection with 20x improvement in image sensitivity and radioactive dosage reduction in positron emission tomography.

  • MusicFit

    MusicFit turns your body into the music creator making the music fit your workout

  • My Future

    Online application and apprentice-job management portal


    Health / Med / Biotech

    MY-SENSATION provides a wearable robotic device to amputees and patients with diabetic neuropathy to artificially restore the sense of touch, increase mobility and decrease pain through electrical nerve stimulation.

  • myCamper AG

    Internet Platform

    The campers sharing platform in Switzerland.


    Neutraler und unabhängiger online Sparringpartner für Finanzentscheide

  • myDNA

    Making personalized healthcare a reality with genetic diagnostics solutions

  • myFacility

    Connects heating, ventilation and IoT-systems and reduces energy spendings and CO2-emissions with AI.

  • MyPrivacyNetwork

    Privacy protection & management for people who post personal information to social media sites

  • MyRating

    Personal and SME Credit Rating Self Assessment through online apps

  • MySollars

     (by World Climate Credit) Innovative and meaningful loyalty marketing solution for companies    

  • MyStetho

    MyStetho is an intelligent stethoscope that enables cardiology and pneumology over the internet.

  • NALA by GmbH

    NALA empowers the 1.6 billion people worldwide with chronic skin conditions to live a healthier & happier life. NALA does this by offering an AI-based, hardware-supported digital therapeutic that increases therapy efficacy 4x and reduces the time and costs to find the personal therapy by 10x.

  • Nanocorp AG


    Nanos is a digital advertising agency that provides an AI-based marketing platform for businesses.

  • Nanoflex


    Reinventing Remote Robotic Surgery.

  • ReBio


    Sustained Treatment for Chronic Eye Diseases.

  • Neon Switzerland AG


    Neon wants to bring you the fastest and cheapest account app for your everyday banking, independent of existing banks.

  • Netagenda

    A cloud based booking system combined with productivity tools for SMEs active in service industry

  • Neur.on


    The end-to-end translation solution for legal professionals

  • Neuronomics

    Neuronomics provides cutting-edge, high-performing trading strategies rooted in AI and computational neuroscience to financial institutions.

  • Neuroprofiler

    Behavioural finance game to help financial advisors assess the investor profile of their clients according to new banking regulations

  • Newscron

    News aggregator by an ETHZ spin off


    (by dotCAST) App enabled collaborative video platform for news from crowd reporters

  • nexoya AG


    nexoya provides a marketing analytics platform enabling the marketeer to base his decisions on integrated data.

  • Nezasa AG


    Global backbone of a modernized, more flexible tour operating travel industry.

  • Nivaura

    Platform for the issuance and administration of smart decentralised financial assets using blockchain infrastructure for custody and settlement

  • Noii land AG

    Internet Platform

    noii is an online dating platform that offers video live dating, profile creation, and matching for single couples.

  • Noisypeak Sarl

    Democratizing professional video for all - from one camera to thousands of streams.

  • Noriware AG


    Development of biodegradable algae-based packaging materials.

  • Nucledo

    Nucledo is an online platform that connects businesses, providing a secure forum for exchange of information and commercial interactions to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) collaboration

  • nuway AG

    nuway does Data Driven Supply Chain Cloud Solution for Healthcare

  • Obviz

    Increase user retention and engagement for media producers using artificial intelligence

  • OCULOCARE medical AG


    Oculocare medical is committed to build digital innovations that save people from blindness and vision impairment.

  • OneDoc

    is the start of a digital revolution for patients and practitioners in Switzerland. For patients: a platform to find a doctor, dentist or therapist and book an appointment online. For practitioners: a modern software to better manage their practice!

  • OneSky Sarl

    OneSky builds the infrastructure allowing tomorrow’s drone revolution, ensuring their safe integration into today’s aviation world

  • Online GV

    Einladung, Anmeldung und Stimminstruktion für die Generalversammlung (GV) elektronisch erledigen

  • OnlineDoctor AG


    OnlineDoctor is an innovative swiss-based platform that allows you to have your skin problems diagnosed quickly (within 48h), location-independent and cost-effectively by an independent dermatologist.

  • onocoy

    onocoy is a community-powered dense network of GNSS reference station that provides high quality RTK corrections for ultra-accurate positioning by leveraging Web3 technology.

  • Open Mineral

    World's first physical commodity market place (first startup in TR Labs Switzerland acceleration program in 2017)

  • Open Stratosphere

    Operating flexible Near Space platforms, with the highest safety and efficiency, for earth observation applications, environmental intelligence or communication infrastructure

  • Ophtalma® by Euro Advanced Technology SA

    Ophtalma® (by Euro Advanced Technology SA) is a medical Imaging software company leveraging the true power of AI, deep learning, and quantum computing to auto-diagnose all diseases affecting the eye's RETINA OCT. Offering a disruptive novel approach for early detection of abnormalities in the RETINA OCT, that is inexistant today on the market with a big promise to eradicate and prevent blindness.

  • AG

    Other ICT

    We build tooling to help you reduce your cloud footprint by becoming more efficient.

    Exit in 2021


  • Optune by Oscillate AG

    Internet Platform

    Optune is the first digital workspace that connects all stakeholders in the live music industry

  • ORamaVR

    Accelerating world's transition to medical virtual reality training.

  • Orion Vault

    We are building infrastructure for future of art investment & donations.

  • Ormera AG

    Ormera addresses the completely automated, secure and transparent IoT billing of smart buildings through the blockchain technology.

  • Oviva

    Counselling services to clients for weight-loss and healthy nutrition remotely and predominantly via a smartphone app


    OVOMIND proposes a new way to interact with AIs including emotions.

  • Oyoba AG

    Oyoba is building data-driven and blockchain-enabled financial services for the next generations, the company structure is based on an inclusive governance and ownership model.

  • Oyraa GmbH

    Oyraa is an online global freelance platform - like Upwork - for professional interpreters and multilinguals

  • ParkIt

    (by mohemian services GmbH) Park it is a marketplace smartphone app enabling short-term rent of parking spots

  • Parquery

    image analysis as a service for smart city and smart mobility applications

  • Partium


    The innovative Partium AI Part Search not only helps you and your teams to find parts faster by using images, text, filters, QR- and barcodes, it also can enrich and enhance your data for you.

  • Peerdom AG

    Peerdom liberates organizations from bureaucracy by maximizing the impact of their talent: In a decentralized, distributed, remote-first, peer-to-peer way that respects the type of collaboration 21st century talent yearns for.

  • People-Analytix AG

    People-Analytix provides a SaaS platform using latest technologies which enables large organizations to create an inventory of skills and capabilities of its employees in order to understand skill gaps and to develop the workforce along the strategy.

  • Perfectfor2

    Online Such- und Buchungsportal für Erlebnis-Packages für 2 Personen

  • Piaviata

    Portable medical device for reliable vital data measurements on animals for veterinarians and Big Data analysis

  • Picstars

    App turning social media pictures into a marketing goldmine

  • Picstars AG

    With PICSTARS brands reach the young target group for their products and services and the brands can control every campaign with the handling from Influencersearch to their payment - it's not a trend - it's an industry!

  • Picterra SA

    At Picterra, we are building the Google Search for the physical world, giving everyone the opportunity to draw insights from satellite and aerial imagery, all in just a few clicks.

  • Plair SA


    Plair brings air microbial contamination into the light, enabling pharmaceutical industry to save on operational costs, product losses, and manpower.

  • PodioBox

    Interactive conference system revolutionizing the way to deploy presentations

  • Poinz AG

    Other ICT

    Loyalty cards on smartphone

  • PolitAnalytics AG

    Internet Platform

    We are a civic tech company and refine administrative data.



    Real Estate prospecting made easy

  • PopUpOffice


  • Posity

    Visuelle Business-Software für KMUs (50-500 MA), die mittels Online-Fragebogen eingeführt wird

  • Postauction

    All unsold auction house objects centralised on one global platform

  • PrecisionED AG


    Solutions towards „Precision (Medical) Education“

  • PriceHubble AG


    PriceHubble is a PropTech company, set to radically improve the understanding and transparency of real estate markets based on data-driven insights

  • PrivateDeal SA


    PrivateDeal developed in partnership with EHL the first smart negotiation solution designed to increase direct bookings on hotels’ websites. This unique engine lets guests offer their own price for a room and, if necessary, automatically and instantly negotiates with them the best price.

  • Privately SA

    Oyoty is a personal smartphone assistant for children that makes them mindful of their digital environment, provides an upfront way to manage risks and threats and make topical education and resources available to them using artificial intelligence.

  • Prodibi

    Prodibi is the next generation image infrastructure as a service.

  • Prognolite AG

    Other ICT

    Prognolite helps restaurants to improve staff planning and reduce food waste by telling them the demand for any day in the future.

  • proGrow

    (by Growintel) Web production management platform which enables organizations to have a clear and simple view of their production sites

  • Protagoras

    Digital solution creating meaningful discussion between financial advisers and their clients

  • PrYv

    Pryv empowers Medtech SMEs to accelerate their business with reduced time to market and IT expenses



    Mobile CO₂ Capture Technology.We decarbonize your heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Qashqade AG


    Complete Toolbox for Fund Managers and Investors to Automate Calculations and Reports on-line with up-to-date Waterfall Distributions, Carry or Cap Table.

  • qCella

    we (re)shape product heating

  • QuantActions AG

    Other ICT

    QuantActions offers solutions for generating digital markers of brain health.

  • Quantinum AG

    Market and customer big data analytics at your fingertips

  • by ServiceHunter AG


    With its platform, the company fights undeclared work by massively reducing the cost of legally employing cleaning ladies and babysitters.

    Exit in 2019


  • Qumram

    (acquired by Dynatrace) Rechtssichere Aufzeichnung und Big Data Analyse des gesamten digitalen Kundenerlebnisses

  • Raized.AI


    We bring the power of AI to venture investing – helping VCs to take the right decisions and find startups few other investors can see.


    FinTech is a fully automated proprietary data platform to discover and evaluate private market companies.

  • Rankle

  • Raumpioniere AG


    Finding undervalued properties - fast, easy and for everyone.

  • RAW Labs SA


    The Data Management Platform for Digital Transformation

  • Receptio

    We facilitate the digitalisation of the hospitality industry with tailored payments solution and an innovative upgrade bidding system

  • Refluenced

    AI/Machine Learning

    Refluenced is a data and AI-driven online platform that connects influencers with brands.

  • enerdrape


    enerdrape turns underground spaces into renewable energy sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

  • DemoSquare

    AI/Machine Learning

    Set your regulatory monitoring on autopilot with artificial intelligence.

  • CarboCalyx


    CarboCalyx GmbH is a glycopharmaceutical startup company dedicated for the establishment of novel immunomodulatory biologics using cellular modifications, glycoengineering and targeted immunotherapy.

  • CatnClever


    CatnClever, our ad-free learning app, combines easy-to-use interactive, adaptive learning with child-friendly aesthetics. It follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and corresponding curricula in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

  • Nutrifly AG


    Nutrifly uses the principle of the circular economy entirely in the sense of zero waste: its products are created by upcycling side streams from the agricultural and food industries, which are converted into energy and protein by the larvae during rearing.

  • storabble

    Internet Platform

    Storabble is your first stop for finding the best storage solutions at the best prices. With our 'search subscription', you can easily find the perfect storage unit for your needs and budget. Just tell us your storage needs and we'll notify you as soon as we have the right storage space for you. Stay updated and find your storage space conveniently!

  • Sotaria

    Sotaria develops and provides privacy-aware computer vision technology to provide insights that improve customer experience while protecting the privacy of consumers.

  • Gopf

    AI/Machine Learning

    The AI Solution for Strategic Decision Support

  • DAAV

    DAAV provides inclusive mobility services for passengers with reduced mobility in airports, using an autonomous robotic wheelchair and solution.

  • Relai AG


    Relai is the world's easiest Bitcoin investing App - made in Switzerland.

  • Resmonics AG

    We unlock the power of sound for medicine to help healthcare companies and their patients better manage lung diseases and infections.

  • Resolve SA


    Turn your mortgage into a financial opportunity. Best rates, fiscal impacts, pension plans: choose a global service.

  • rheo AG


    stream vital patient data from anywhere

  • Riskwolf AG

    Riskwolf partners with insurers to protect digital platforms from disruptions.

  • Rivero AG


    Rivero enables financial institutions to gain efficiency and unleash their full potential.

  • rockethealth

    (by Helmedica) Mobile elektronische Krankengeschichte für Ärzte und Spitäler    

  • RoomActually

    Efficient market for fixed-term rentals for students visiting Europe

  • RoomPriceGenie AG


    Dynamic pricing software for hotels. High quality room pricing, built on a scale basis to be cheap enough and simple enough for small hotels to use.


    Agile robots for nuclear decommissioning and emergency response

  • AICA


    A unique approach that simplifies robot programming, and gives your robot intelligence & a sense of touch.


    SAFETYN is committed to making the General Aviation safer while preserving the freedom and the pleasure of flying. By focusing on Human Factor, our solutions allow the pilot to make safer decisions, reinforce their sense of flying and enhance their feedback

  • SalesWings

    SalesWings provides Salesforce customers with an innovative SaaS lead analytics platform.

  • SalesWings

    Other ICT

    SalesWings is the world's most intuitive way for growing sales and marketing teams to track, qualify and prioritize their very best leads.

  • SAMA Renewable Solutions

    uses advanced mathematical models to significantly reduce the high electric grid imbalance costs for renewable asset owners

  • Samawatt SA


    SAMA uses advanced mathematical models to significantly reduce the high electric grid imbalance costs for renewable asset owners.

  • Saporo SA

    Efficient Cyber-Resilience by measuring attack surface

  • Sbique GmbH

    Sbique is a global language learning platform that offers on-demand lessons with native speakers via video chat. Our customers enjoy an effective and convenient learning experience and pay their tutors based on their lesson length. We as the platform take a commission fee on this payment.

  • ScanTrust

    ScanTrust helps brand owners and governments stop counterfeit with its patent-pending copy-proof QR Code

  • Scenario X

    Scenario X is an all-in-one risk management platform empowered by AI and ML algorithms. By using our platform for regulatory stress test and risk and finance modeling, Banks and Fis can enhance their efficiency by 60% and while reducing their cost by more than 50%.

  • Scewo AG


    Scewo AG develops a sleek, self-balancing and stair climbing wheelchair that gives the user freedom like no other device currently on the market.

  • ScorePad

    Tablet solution for musicians: use score of your choice, play as you are used to, synchronize orchestras. ScorePad fills the gap between PDF readers and complex applications

  • Scrona AG


    Scrona is developing a novel ultrahigh-resolution inkjet technology based on electrostatic droplet actuation

  • Seculting SA

    Nextgen cyberrisks simulation for SMEs, IT providers and (re)insurances.

  • Securaxis SA


    Real Time Analysis, Reporting and Localization with Acoustic Sensors

  • Securrency, Inc.


    Delivers regulatory compliant, Blockchain listed securities to a global crowdfunding marketplace.

  • Sedimentum AG


    "Sedimentum develops the first contactless solution for fall and emergency detection in healthcare without compromising privacy."

  • SeedLedger

    We have the technology to turn smart phones into central banks by tokenizing every imaginable asset class, futuristic or traditional and use it for ICOs

  • SeeHow

    SeeHow is a tool for brands to generate authentic pictures and videos from their supply chain and use them for near-live marketing.

  • Seervision AG


    Software for camera automation designed to make live video production effortless.

  • semedy

    New generation knowledge-based clinical decision support systems


    Other ICT

    Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don't have an account.

    Exit in 2022


  • Seniors at Work by Seniors Group GmbH


    We make the immense potential of the older generation accessible to the economy and thus promote exchange between generations. And we offer a solution to the skills shortage.

  • Senopi AG

    Virtual reality for seniors, particularly with dementia and frailty.

  • Senozon AG

    Fully automated assessment of visitor frequency and reachability of locations and real-estate with a self-service user interface for B2B customers

  • Sensoryx AG

    Developer of the only mobile hard & software enabling intuitive 3D interaction in VR/AR to train multiple users and track multiple objects.

  • ServiceOcean GmbH

    No more waiting customers on the phone. ServiceOcean provides an intelligent callback management system

  • Shematic SA

    Other ICT

    High-efficiency electric powertrain systems for light electric vehicles

  • ShoeAI (ShoeSize.Me)


    A Swiss machine learning technology that eliminates the sizing chaos as barrier to buying shoes online & serves as data aggregator on user and purchase data of the global footwear market.

  • Signatys

    Serving law firms and banks who want to digitalize their process by avoiding printing documents and being able to sign them online

  • Signifikant Solutions AG

    We Revolutionize Mass Media Advertising: first, we automate campaign reporting, second, we automate campaign planning and third, we automate media buying.

  • SimplicityBio

    Combining the same breakthroughs that allow hackers to crack complex passwords, we identify groups of biomarkers involved in a given disease

  • SiouxApp

    (by 7iSolutions) Mass-marketizing, commercializing and automating business-oriented, open-source software


    Stellenmarkt für wissenschaftliche Projekte


    Easy-to-use, easy-to-love tool that allows you to create your own mobile app

  • Skiioo

    The new B2B2C platform for ski resorts

  • Skin Match Technology

    The leader in prestige beauty online, offering personalized beauty recommendations in a brand agnostic way – luxury beauty made personal

  • Skoubee

    Helping pet owners monitor and improve their pet health and nutrition

  • Skypull

    Skypull is an autonomous drone that captures the energy of altitude winds and produces low-cost electricity

  • disrupts the credit markets and the credit card businesses by creating the credit-money for the crypto sphere.

  • Smartie

    (by ANDIAST GmbH) Community based and cost effective online insurance comparison tool

  • smARTravel

    (by AG) The smARTravel platform is becoming the biggest art and culture community of the world

  • SMEx

    Empower worldwide SMEs to benefit from affordable, efficient and 24-7 available financial services

  • SoBerlin

    The new picture sharing guide to urban lifestyle, locations and trends

  • Social Sales Map™

    (by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH) Visualisierung, Analyse und Management von B2B Geschäftsbeziehungen

  • Socialease SA


    The first Intelligent Assistant designed to support hospitality businesses in the management of their social media.

  • Society3​

    Swiss FINMA and US SEC Compliant Capital Marketplace for startups providing investors a way to sell startups stocks and exit anytime


    Financial brokers are still working using emails and excel. Socrat is the platform that finally streamlines client advise, financial products retail and operational management boosting broker performance, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs

  • SoFlow AG


    SoFlow offers riding solutions for people who want uncomplicated, environmental friendly, reliable ways to get from point A to point B.

  • Sonect AG


    SONECT converts any shop or individual into a "Virtual ATM" - reducing the high "cost of cash" via a location based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash everywhere.

  • soonsy AG

    improves public wireless internet access experience for end consumers while offering companies deeper insights into their customers and business (quantitative and qualitative insights, big data analysis)

  • Sotaria

    Big Data/Analytics

    We want to bring offline retailers an e-commerce like analytics platform using computer vision, big data analytics and large language models.

  • spacewise


    Market Network for Flexible Retail

  • Spectando

    Smartphone app that allows the quick and easy creation of high quality virtual property tours


    SPECTYOU is the digital platform of stage productions - a break-through innovation in performing arts that enables unlimited access.

  • Sphere by holo|one


    Sphere is a unified collaboration solution, seamlessly integrating extended reality (XR) into enterprise business processes.

  • Spherene AG


    spherene's technology empowers the 3D print industry to produce high-performance, lightweight parts for reduced cost.

  • Spice VR/Spherie

    The perfect match of drone and 360° film technology. It is a free flying VR film camera system which shoots full spherical 360° motion picture, as well as 3D scanning, without capturing the system itself

  • Spocal GmbH

    (converted to Beekeeper AG in 2015) Mobile app that enables like-minded TV viewers to connect with each other

  • Spontacts AG


    Your free time will never be boring again. Organize. Participate. Find like-minded people. Join now for free!

  • Sports-Millions

    Kombination aus sportwette und lotterie, normale sportwette. liveticker, neues wettprodukt

  • SportsNow

    Sport- und Bewegungsangebote entdecken, vergleichen und buchen


    The open social network that revolutionizes the music industry, artist-fan interaction, and digital media commerce.

  • BreezeLabs

    BreezeLabs tracks breathing with standard earphones and improves athletic performance and health.

  • egonym

    Generative AI based image and video anonymisation to bridge the gap between data privacy and data utility.

  • Emissium

    Emissium provides reliable and actionable electricity emissions data.

  • Moonlight AI

    Basel-based AI startup harnessing computer vision and AI to enhance cancer diagnosis and biomarker detection in hematology and cytology.

  • Nimagna

    Nimagna transforms online presentations into stunning TV shows – live, autonomous and without any additional equipment.

  • School Rebound SA

    School Rebound is developing innovative educational tools, powered by AI.

  • Digipal AG

    Helping Wealth Managers regain scalability by delivering clear investment communication quickly.

  • Go Healthy

    We build a digital toolbox that helps mental health services to reduce dropout and increase therapy efficacy.

  • Elephants Club

    Elephants is a global co-ownership platform that enables users to diversify their portfolios buying shares of iconic discontinued timepieces.

  • myDoctorAngel

    A pioneering virtual medical center, specializing in oncology with a breakthrough digital health platform poised to predict acute medical events and complications, integrating MedTech excellence into patient care.

  • Stableton Financial AG


    Stableton offers an alternative investment Fintech platform for qualified and institutional investors seeking exposure to liquid alternatives, private equity, including venture capital, private debt, and real assets.


    A powerful online tool for matching real talents with the right job

  • Stacksync

    Big Data

    No code solution to empower real-time and bidirectional data synchronization between CRMs and Databases.

  • Stairlin AG

    The one stop shop for independents and solo entrepreneurs.


    Starchain AG is a tech company focused on building the first universal platform, which enables premium manufacturers to protect, track, sell and promote their goods through a convenient digital end-to-end solution without interruptions.

  • Staxe AG


    The 1st decentralized platform for investing your digital assets in live events such as concerts, festivals, networking events, and conferences, among others.

  • SThAR

    DEMOGRAPHICA: is our Big Data cloud-based tool for optimizing face-to-face campaigns (electoral campaigns, NGO fundraising, brand awareness).

  • Still Active AG

    We are 55+ reinvented. We aim to become the leading lifestyle platform for Generation 55+ in the industrialized world.

  • Stream Ocean AG


    Stream Ocean is building an AI-powered end-to-end solution for real-time marine life monitoring.

  • Street Life

    Street Life, The OnlyFans of Travel, is a platform where travellers can book unique travel experiences from their favorite content creators.

  • Struckd AG

    Develop, publish and monetise your own games directly from your mobile phone, without writing a single line of code.

  • Sublime Technology Sagl

    Instant clothing size measurement device (product name "MOST") for fashion retailers to foster their e-commerce business

  • Surong360

    Online Platform for students to borrow money from their alumni

  • susTema

    improves performance of corporate insurers by introducing the measurement and analysis of corporate behaviour

  • Sustema AG


    Sustema measures corporate behavior using publicly available data to improve the underwriting performance of insurance companies. Existing customers have seen bottom line gains of 21%.

  • Swiss Activities AG

    Swiss Activities simplifies the local and global reselling process of Swiss leisure activities.

  • Swiss Blockchain Technology

    Hardware crypto technology products that protect digital financial assets, identity and privacy of individuals and organizations in the digital world.

  • Swiss Custom Watches SA

    Industry: HealthTech - Target indication: Patients with épilépsy - Future indications: Health monitoring solution for Ambulatory, clinical and home needs.

  • SwissBorg


    B2B CyBorg Advisor platform: Creating and controlling fully customizable and transparent Investment Mandates that exceeds your client's expectation in 10 minutes


    SwissPay revolutionizes the way to consume online media and offers the reader the choice between effecting a quick payment or getting the press article for free after viewing a video ad

  • SA

    SwissPay provides online publishers a dynamic paywall that automatically optimizes settings based on many data points. It provides media with a powerful marketing tool using machine learning to understand and segment their audience in order to personalize their paywall to find each user's tipping point towards conversion.

  • Swisspeers AG

    SMEs financing SMEs - the shortest route for money between investment requirements and financing needs, making financing and investing more efficient.

  • Swisspod Technologies

    Swisspod Technologies was founded by multiple award winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition, Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz. Swisspod is the first Swiss company developing hyperloop technology, which is the 5th mode of transportation capable of transporting both cargo and passengers.


    Feeding one billion people by allowing them to grow their own fresh and healthy vegetables at home

  • SwissProsthetics

    Affordable and user-centric arm prosthesis customized by using an online configurator, produced just-in-time, with minimum maintenance risks and remote service opportunities.

  • Synacts

    User-controlled digital identities for instant user onboarding, authentication, signing and payment

  • Synthara

    Ultra low-power, fast, AI accelerators for computing on the edge.

  • Systemkredit AG

    We improve company lending by forming an ecosystem of rated credit risks. Members join this ecosystem because together they can obtain more attractive funding and business terms than on their own

  • Tailorart

    Lead generation platform for tailors selling tailor made suits

  • TailoredMotor

    Production of bespoke electric motors based on a 3D model specification that is as flexible as if they were 3D printed

  • Talent4GIG AG


    Talent4GIG helps companies hire tech roles by tailoring the assessment process to the needs of the customers and providing hiring tools to assess, find, onboard, retain talents.

  • Taskbase AG


    The right feedback at the right time makes all the difference in a learner's journey.

  • TasteHit

    AI-powered user experience platform for online shops ​

  • Tastier

    Mobile Payment for Restaurants & Bars - Uber for Restaurants

  • TaxLevel

    Just-in-time tax service for financial institutes to satisfy the needs of demanding crossboarder investors

  • Tayo SA

    The #1 property management platform to share information, communicate efficiently and automate simple tasks.

  • Technis SA


    Technis is building the future of connected and interactive flooring. Starting with a new generation of intelligent touch-enabled surface.

  • TechOne

    The TechOne Group structures, sells and partially fulfills standardized legal products, individualized legal products and legal packages through a market place as well as further online- and offline distribution channels

  • Teleport

    New interaction paradigm with video offered as SaaS. The user can navigate the video by scrolling or random-access any segment. The medium can be enriched with user-managed context information. Currently used for virtual tours (university campus, real estate) and education (tutorials, knowledge management)

  • Tendress

    Online-Verleihportal für Kleidung


    (by digital sports): We increase revenues, retain customers, and engage millennials for Racquet Sports Clubs and add disruptive gains for all parties involved, players and industry too

  • TestingTime AG

    Other ICT

    TestingTime recruits test users and other study participants for usability tests, focus groups, interviews, surveys and more.

    Exit in 2021


  • The Literoom

    The Literoom is an affordable art store and a global platform for up & coming artists

  • Thingsy GmbH

    Digital one-stop shop for after-sales services. | #digitalcirculareconomyhub

  • Threatray AG


    Threatray produces code-based threat intelligence by making massive malware repositories and feeds searchable and correlatable.

  • Ticketpark GmbH

    Lösungsorientiertes, kundenfreundliches Ticketing für Events im Bereich Kultur, Sport und Business

  • Tickey

    We allow daily commuters to use urban mobility anytime and anywhere, paying just with their smartphones

  • TieTalent SA


    Career growth platform for people in tech.

  • Time Designers

    Time Designers is a watch brand offering profoundly differentiating and exclusive timepieces, using a fundamentally novel and artistic approach to displaying information with liquids. Designed for watch collectors, art-tech enthusiasts and quiet luxury adepts, our market potential is over 100Mio CHF.

  • Timly Software AG

    Internet Platform

    "A cloud-based platform (Asset management software) that allows companies to track their physical inventory and automate processes. "

  • Kleap

    Kleap is a mobile-first website builder. With Kleap, entrepreneurs and marketers can build a complete website from scratch, with a few taps on their mobile devices or computer. It's is a no-code solution, so they don’t need any design skills or web programming skills to build a website.

  • CLOTHESfriends AG

    CLOTHESfriends is a peer-to-peer fashion sharing app that is based on a marketplace model to rent and lend clothes.

  • Tinamu Labs AG


    The full potential of drones as a 24/7 flexible sensor network for indoor locations – without a pilot on-site!

  • tio

    App-controlled robotics for ages five and up to create new ways to play and learn

  • TOBO

    Digital wholesales 2.0 Ominchannel  –  we see Retailers as "windows" for E-brands

  • Trade Invest

    A Platform to match and assist Commodity & Trade Finance Syndicators (Sellers) and Trade Finance Investors (Buyers)

  • TP24 AG


    Tradeplus24 provides flexible, easy funding to SMEs looking to improve their liquidity position.

  • TravelerFirst

    We developed a platform which fully supports passengers for automatically claiming compensations for flight delays, cancellations or luggage damages. Our approach can greatly enhance benefits and returns for individuals and companies reducing time and costs

  • Traverz AG


    "Traverz is a UX and Search layer that encourages users to indicate their needs. This allows platforms to generate personalised recommendations."

    Exit in 2020


  • Treazrly AG

    Internet Platform

    finding treasures. combining treasures.

  • TrekkSoft Ltd

    Online booking and reservation solutions for tour operators

  • Tresio


    Finance intelligence for ambitious SMEs.


    At TRUSTLESS.AI we are building the Seevik Pod, an ultra-secure 2mm-thin touch-screen human computing device that seamlessly delivers radically-unprecedented privacy and security to your most sensitive social and business computing, by eliminating the assumption of trust in anything or anyone.

  • Tubban

    Web community to connect Chinese travellers and tourism industry directly

  • Typewise AG


    Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company, on a mission to make daily lives easier by decoding human thoughts.

  • Uberchord

    Software to teach musical instruments, which puts a personal teacher into everyone’s pocket

  • Unisers AG


    UNISERS generates an annual financial benefit between 2b-20b USD for the semiconductors industry by providing solutions to find the source of nano-scale defects on computer chips.

  • Unono

    Multi-sided platform connecting students in their academic realm

  • V-Labs SA


    V-Labs develops a high precision augmented reality solution for headsets that enables our clients to visualize, measure and modify geospatial data with centimeter accuracy in the field.

  • Valuecity

    Display, Kundenkarten und App basiertes System für den Einzelhandel zur besseren Kundenkommunikation

  • Vatorex AG

    Vatorex provides a digital eco-system for beekeepers with innovative hive management tools and sustainable technology to manage life-threatening parasites and diseases. ​

  • VAY Sports AG


    VAY digitizes human movements through human motion analysis.

    Exit in 2020


  • Veertly SA

    Internet Platform

    Platform for virtual conferences, hackathons, team events and co.

  • Veezoo AG


    Veezoo is your company's brain. It is able to answer plain English questions with clean visualizations of your company’s data.

  • Veintree SA

    Veintree technology solves the privacy concern of our digital society.

  • Velia SA


    The Integrated Software for Property Management

  • Velocorner AG


    Velocorner is the largest online bicycle marketplace in Switzerland with huge selection of bikes, e-bikes and bike accessories.

  • vidby AG


    AI-powered software for fast and accurate video translation and dubbing into 70 languages.

  • Vima Link SA


    Vima develops advanced social computing technologies, merging AI, computer vision and social science. Its behavioural intelligence tools can automatically understand human behaviour with human-level accuracy to unlock opportunities in the field of human-machine interactions.

  • VinoFinder

    Die Weinsuchmaschine findet schnell, bequem und einfach jeden Wein

  • Vinyo

    Search, find and buy the wines you love

  • Virtual Broker

    Innovative insurance broker company offering insurances and software for insurance brokers in emerging insurance markets



    VISENSE is a powerful software suite that diagnoses industrial machine errors and digitalise all process around the machines, in order to significantly reduce downtime.

  • Vlot AG


    vlot helps individuals and. families become more. financially responsible. By working with businesses and individuals vlot helps. identify and close income and savings gaps based on. cutting edge technology.

  • voltWALL SAGL

    xBlade energy storage modules, the Gas Cylinders for a renewable energy age!

  • VRMandat

    Online platform for finding company board members more easily

  • vyzn AG

    vyzn is a SaaS solution that enables real estate developers to massively reduce the amount of wasted resources, thereby increasing both profitability and sustainability. 3D building models are uploaded to the browser, analysed by vyzn's algorithms and optimised, manually or by AI.

  • WealthArc Inc.


    WealthArc is a multi-custody, cloud-based solution for wealth managers and family offices. It supports asset consolidation from 100+ custodian banks and consolidated asset reporting. Easy-to-use portfolio management system (PMS) facilitates portfolio analysis, order management and execution. WealthArc's unique functionalities include: client portal, CRM, FINMA compliance, invoicing and more. The onboarding lasts 4-6 weeks and is fully supported by an efficient onboarding team - you are only so far away from implementing this innovative solution

  • Wealthport

      Global event monitoring and analytics for professional investors    

  • WeaVR AG


    WeaVR is Social Virtual Reality. With WeaVR people can experience, create and share virtual reality stories with both their photos, videos and great publicly available VR media.

    Exit in 2018


  • WeCan.Fund

    Based in Geneva, WeCan.Fund is an API Rest that enables NGO, public and private companies to create online crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for various community projects

  • WedMap

    Wedding planning online made easy

  • WeGaw

    WeGaw processes satellite and ground data to give Outdoors Digital platforms and Tourism Offices daily terrain status and risk alerts so that their users safely enjoy outdoors. Supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), WeGaw has created an outdoors terrain status and daily risk monitoring service that tackles a €5B big outdoors travel industry. Using 6 different satellites from ESA and NASA, WeGaw is able to provide a daily delivered outdoors monitoring service.

  • WeGaw SA

    Monitor, Analyse and Act. Near real-time data for Climate Change Adaptation and Decision Making from Space.

  • WeHike

    One-stop website for do-it-yourself hiking trips in 1 click

  • wemakeit

    is one of Switzerland’s largest crowdfunding platforms. It offers creatives the possibility to introduce their project to a large online community and to finance it with the help of a big crowd of backers.  

  • Werthstein AG

    "The Economist with a trading button" - we make investing easy and intellectually stimulating and "spotify finance" with a disruptive subscription based pricing mode


    We aim to strengthen the human connection at workplaces by using technology. WeWent is based on an online marketplace for finding and booking the business-oriented team building activities, group training and workshops. The next step is turning it into an HR SaaS supported by team surveys and AI.

  • WiCard

    Visit card allowing a new relationship with small businesses


    Learning platform for discovering wines by subscription and wine tastings

  • Wilmaa Holding AG


    Wilmaa is a pioneer in web TV and offers digital (over-the-top, OTT) television for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, right up to large home TV sets.

    Exit in 2020


  • Wingcopter

    Building a patented hybrid drone for commercial applications that need drones operating in reaches of up to 100 km

  • Workspace2go AG

    Internet Platform

    Operating an online marketplace for meeting rooms, desks and workshop locations – Workspace2go works like “Airbnb”, just for business.

    Exit in 2022


  • helps you locate a lunch buddy with whom you can practice a language during lunch


    Platform for an efficient rental business by your company logo


    Internet Platform

    "WYTH is the cloud solution that helps event-makers build customized platforms where the physical and digital seamlessly converge"

  • Xatena AG


    Xatena creates the smart B2B-network in healthcare: Digitizing sourcing and sales, lifting operational procurement to supply chain level 4.0.

  • xFarm

    The agricultural business is becoming more and more complex due to the legal, operational and economic challenges. On the other hand, technologies evolve and create opportunity. Based on multi-year experience in farming, we developed xFarm, a Farm Management Platform covering every aspect of farming.

  • Xorlab AG


    Striving to become the leading cyber threat prevention platform, safeguarding companies around the world against data loss, theft, and reputational damage.

  • Xsensio

    Xsensio develops next-generation wearable devices that track biochemical information non-invasively

  • yband therapy AG

    Empowers patients with hemiparesis due to stroke or similar to monitor their arm rehabilitation efforts 24/7 in the clinic and at home.

  • Yeekatee


    Empowering your investment journey with an independent platform that fuses community investing, financial literacy, and portfolio management.

  • Yelloh GmbH

    is a video survey tool for companies to activate their community (internal and external) to extract; knowledge, creativity and feedback – to help orchestrate company change. What Slack did to email, we will do to surveys

  • AG


    The trust network for banks and their customers. Without having to create a new account, users can use yes® to log in to third-party providers or pay for contracts based on their online banking login.

    Exit in 2023


  • Yokoy Group AG

    Internet Platform

    Yokoy is a Swiss FinTech startup that leverages Artificial Intelligence to fully automate all expense- and company credit card processes to save time and money, prevent fraud, increase employee satisfaction and to allow for valuable data insights.

  • Yonder AG

    Other ICT

    Yonder helps users find relevant information by providing shorter documents and manageable revisions.

  • AdVentura Works SA

    AdVentura Works is building a solution for remote driving of forklifts to help companies tackle the employee shortages, improve efficiency, and reduce product damage in the warehouse. We focus on logistics where the workflows are dynamic and cannot be easily automated with AGVs.

  • Yoordi AG


    Yoordi is the most flexible ordering and payment solution in the Hospitality Industry. We enable guests in restaurants to simply order and pay by just scanning a qr-code. By doing that we increase efficiency, lower costs and boost sales volumes up to 30%.

  • yooture

    Finds perfect jobs and candidates. And connects them if they make the perfect match

  • Youbee AG

    Central contact point that enhances transparency in the highly fragmented market of seminars, retreats and theme travels while connecting private and business people with local providers of timeout and recreation programs

  • Yova

    Yova mainstreams impact investing by offering personalized and emotionally-appealing stock portfolios enabled by the digitization of private banking methods through AI and blockchain.


    We enable even the smallest company to issue electronic invoices without any onboarding or setup costs

  • Zaamigo AG


    Zaamigo is an artificial dentist to check teeth at home.

  • Zappter AG


    The world's easiest and most customizable app builder

  • ZenOwn AG

    Internet Platform

    "ZenOwn is a forward-thinking Swiss start-up with the goal of building the world's most successful product management platform."

  • Zenum Technologies

    ZEK OS provide you a complete replica of your smartphone on the cloud. Access to your mobile environment immediately in any device, ready to run!

  • Zerofy

    Zerofy is the autopilot for electrified homes: a smart, cloud-based home energy management system that saves costs and reduces emissions.

  • Zocobox

      The complete B2B tool to run your company everywhere    

  • Zoundream AG

    Other ICT

    In Zoundream, we use sound recognition to translate baby cries into their needs, emotions and status.

  • ZYTLYN Technologies AG


    "ZYTLYN is a data analytics and AI company, helping customers address their most urgent problems with its Prediction as-a-Service product."