Startup Resources

Preparing for due diligence

In order to speed up the investment process, SICTIC provides startup with this free SICTIC Due  Diligence Checklist that will help you get ready with the most important documents that investors typically want to see as part of the due diligence process.

Free legal sessions for startups

Startup experienced attorneys at law provide free 30 minute legal consulting sessions for startups. The only condition is that you must have submitted your factsheet or pitch deck to SICTIC before the legal session takes place. Depending on the focus of your questions, we recommend you to book sessions provided by the following attorneys at law specialised on:

Corporate law

e.g. company incorporation/structuring, shareholder agreements, investment agreements.

Next free legal session: September 4th, 2019. Book your spot here.


Entering the US Market

e.g. export strategy, growth opportunities, and understanding the regulatory environment of the United States.

Free cofounding strategy session

Cofounding strategy expert Dr. Jana Nevrlka provides a free 30 minutes consulting session for startups. The only condition is that you must have submitted your factsheet or pitch deck to SICTIC before the consulting session takes place.

Possible topics of the session:

  • selecting the right cofounders
  • roles and responsibilities allocation in the cofounding team (and why it matters)
  • equity splits – what are the options, considerations and best structuring
  • cofounding agreements – when and what they need to cover
  • cofounders disputes​

To book your spot, send an email to

Special Offers

Complete your team with VRMandat is an online platform to find board members, advisors, and partners for your startup. Claim your startup-deal voucher to access the platform for CHF 90 instead of CHF 290 by completing the form.

Free "DevOps" Consulting for Startups

The VSHN Startup Boost is a technical mentoring program for startups in the software, technology or online areas. Usually the CTO or Head of software engineering would be the right person to attend. You can apply here – typically VSHN accepts one startup per month although exceptions may occur.

Office LAB Coworking Spaces

As your team grows, a dedicated office becomes a necessity. But do you want to be stuck in a 5-year lease, have to furnish your space, setup internet and office equipment? Office LAB coworking spaces provides dedicated offices for your team, fully furnished, with all you need to plug-&-play(work), flexible contracts, affordable rates, great locations, for teams of all sizes. Let them know your needs:, and mention the SICTIC referral for 10% discount.