Our members invest in small groups between CHF 200’000.- to CHF 1’500’000.- directly in tech startups based in Switzerland.

For highest chances of matchmaking with our investors, we recommend pitching at one of our SICTIC Investor Day events taking place all over Switzerland.

How to pitch at a SICTIC Investor Day

  • Submit your startup business case to our online deal platform at least 8 weeks before an event takes place;
  • Select the city where you would like to attend;
  • We will let you know at least 2 weeks before the event if your startup has been selected to pitch;
  • If selected, you will receive 2 free tickets to attend the event and pitch to our audience of angel and VC investors;
  • If not selected, please resubmit to pitch to one of our next events.

If you have any questions before the submission, please contact us

Investment Criteria

Core in Switzerland

We encourage startups that fulfill all the following criteria to apply to pitch at one of our SICTIC Investor Day. The core startup team (i.e. decision makers) is based in Switzerland and works on the startup project as their main activity.

ICT component

There must be  a strong information and communication technology (ICT) component that allows to quickly scale up the business.

Equity sharing

The investment will be against equity of a (possibly yet to be founded) company registered in Switzerland.

5 Mio+ after 5 years

The startup must not be older than five years (since incorporation). The startup must have a reasonable chance to generate at least CHF 5 mio. yearly revenues within five years after the investment.

Our experienced investors

Our members are experienced investors that support the startup team to:

  • found a company (if not yet done)
  • optimize the business plan and product
  • create a term sheet
  • close the investment round.

After the investment round, they typically continue to advise on the strategy for building a promising product with a high customer value for a large market and help with their personal network.

Startup Resources

In our efforts to make investment processes successful, we are providing startups a number of free resources to help them better prepare for the funding stage, such as Due Diligence checklist, legal sessions, cofounding strategy sessions, and more.

See more details and sign up for free sessions on our Startup Resources page.

SICTIC Funded Startups

  • 1bank4all

    aims to create the first global social bank. The goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals and to bring banking services to the doorstep of customers independently of their location.

  • 9T Labs

    9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials

  • Apiax

    We transform complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules

  • BEAT Fitness SA

    Switzerland's first fitness studio offering pay-as-you-go spinning classes that you book online.   (formerly VELOBAR)

  • Daedalean

    Flight control systems for the autonomous electric light personal-transport aircraft of the near future

  • Deep Cube

    focused on medical Imaging applied to Ophalmology, Biomarkers and Oncology

  • Diamond Digital AG

    is currently developing DiamondCoin. DiamondCoin is a unique Crypto-Token: Every DiamondCoin is backed by a high quality, certified diamond. DiamondCoin holders can save up, and redeem diamonds at all times. After the market launch, Diamond Digital will be the administrator of the DiamondCoin Platform.

  • Fotokite

    Aerial sensor solutions that fly themselves

  • GetYourGuide

    Book tickets for top attractions around the world

  • guuru

    Enabling companies to outsource live chat customer support to the most competent customers thereby saving up to 50% costs

  • IMburse

    Advanced payments marketplace allowing companies to make/receive payments in any market, any currency on any technology via single integration

  • Nezasa

    The innovative travel & tour operator system build on the most sophisticated planning and backbone engine

  • Procsea

    by FASTER EXPAND SA: B2B marketplace for seafood

  • SAMA Renewable Solutions

    uses advanced mathematical models to significantly reduce the high electric grid imbalance costs for renewable asset owners

  • Securrency, Inc.

    delivers regulatory compliant, Blockchain listed securities to a global crowdfunding marketplace. Securrency is both a RegTech & FinTech company offering a secure, scalable platform for listing traditional securities via Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) while providing global KYC (Know your Customer) and jurisdictional compliance for access.

  • Sonect

    converts anyone into a "Virtual ATM" - reducing the high "cost of cash" via a location based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash everywhere

  • Vima Link SA

    Vima decodes human behaviour, by analysing video content with AI algorithm and understanding how people behave

  • Weavr

    Platform for virtual reality story tellers

408 startups have pitched at SICTIC Investor Day events in the past.


Which criteria does a startup have to meet in order to present?

See our investment criteria on top of this page.

What if my startup does not get selected for the extended presentation?

There’s still a good chance that interested investors will connect to your startup at your table booth during the apero. Just because the majority of the audience didn’t select your startup for the extended presentation does not mean no one is interested in your startup.

Who gets to see the factsheet and business plan that a startup submits for this event?

We treat received factsheets and business plans confidential and only share it with the board and members of the Swiss ICT Investor Club as well as the organizer and jury of the event. We also ask them not to forward this information outside of the Swiss ICT Investor Club without first asking for permission from the startup.

What is the connection between the “SwissICT ICT Investor’s Day” and the “SICTIC Investor Day”?

The first ICT Investor’s Day happened on 15.11.2010. It was organized by Jan Fülscher and others as part of their activities in the special interest group (Fachgruppe) “Innovation” of the association SwissICT. In 2014, Jan Fülscher joined the board of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC). After discussions in the board of SwissICT and SICTIC it was agreed to run this event by SICTIC starting 27.10.2014 and to rebranded it from “SwissICT ICT Investor’s Day” to “SICTIC Investor Day”

The Swiss Startup Ecosystem

SICTIC has aggregated a map of all Swiss Startup Ecosystem players. If you know more organizations that help Swiss early-stage tech startups, please add a comment here.