– SICTIC is matchmaking potential high-growth companies with our investors.

– SICTIC Investors invest in small groups between CHF 200’000.- to CHF 2’000’000.- directly in tech startups based in Switzerland. SICTIC does not invest itself nor does it hold shares in startups.

– For the highest chances of matchmaking with our investors, we recommend pitching at one of our SICTIC Investor Day events taking place all over Switzerland.

– All SICTIC services for startups are free of charge.

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The SICTIC Investors will support the startup team to:

– Found a company (if not yet done);

– Optimize the business plan and product; – Create a term sheet; – Close the investment round.

After the investment round, they typically continue to advise on the strategy for building a promising product with a high customer value for a large market and help with their network.

How to pitch at a SICTIC Investor Day

1. Check if your startup matches the SICTIC Investment Criteria;

2. Submit your startup application to our online deal platform before the application deadline;

3. Assessment: All new applications are reviewed by the SICTIC Jury approximately four weeks before each event. Assessment criteria are: Business Potential, Product Innovation, Team Potential, and Document Quality. We will inform you at least two weeks before the event if your project was selected to pitch;

4. Pitching: Live startup presentations to investors at SICTIC Investor Day ;

5. Syndication: We help you initiate your investment round if you gain interest from our angel investor members.

If you have any questions before the submission, please contact us.

SICTIC Investment Criteria

Core in Switzerland

We encourage startups that fulfil all the following criteria to apply to pitch at one of our SICTIC Investor Day. The core startup team (CEO, CTO, etc.) is based in Switzerland and works on the startup project as their main activity. The startup has incorporated or will incorporate in Switzerland or Liechtenstein as a stock corporation (AG).

Tech component

There must be a tech component that allows to quickly scale up the business.

Equity sharing

The investment will be against equity of a (possibly yet to be founded) company registered in Switzerland.

5M+ after 5 years

The startup must not be older than five years (since incorporation). The startup must have a reasonable chance to generate at least CHF 5M yearly revenues within five years after the investment.

8 Mio + 2 Mio

The valuation of the startups must not be higher than CHF 8M and the current round size must not be higher than CHF 2M.

Application from Founders

We only accept startup funding applications directly from founders (and none from fundraisers).

Startup Resources

In our efforts to make investment processes successful, we are providing startups several free resources to help them better prepare for the funding stage, such as Due Diligence checklist, legal sessions, cofounding strategy sessions, and more.

See more details and sign up for free sessions on our Startup Resources page.

SICTIC Startup Portfolio

SICTIC Investors funded more than 200 Swiss tech startups and helped create more than 4000 jobs.

Below is a comprehensive list of startups that received funding from our investor community. 


  • 3Brain AG

    3Brain is the world’s first company having designed and realised high-resolution neuro-electronic interfaces to improve success in drug development and to be used in numerous applications in the fast-growing brain-computer interface industry.

  • 9T Labs AG

    9T Labs' solution allows industrial companies to manufacture industry grade carbon fiber composites as easy as metals.

  • AAAccell AG

    AAAccell is a leading Swiss quantitative Fintech developing innovative AI solutions for the financial service industry.

  • Authena (Acatena) AG

    With its blockchain & IoT platform, Authena wants to revolutionise how brands of high value goods protect their products and reputation against counterfeiting and reach unprecedented level of end users engagement.

  • Acodis AG by Turicode

    Acodis' intelligent document processing platform is powered by machine learning and enables automated processing of any document within seconds.

  • Adjoint Inc.

    Adjoint empowers enterprises to achieve new levels of efficiency and control by delivering distributed ledger technology built specifically for the needs of the financial industry.

  • Advaisor AG

    Advaisor uses AI to measure and improve digital collaboration. The advaisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook & Word helps individuals to communicate better in the workplace and to improve the customer experience.

  • Aidonic AG

    Aidonic is a social fundraising and last mile aid distribution technology for humanitarian and development programs. Organizations and Governments can distribute tokenized aid vouchers, entitlements or digital cash straight to the intended end-beneficiaries in the most transparent and efficient way.

  • Alethena by Equility AG

    Alethena enables the cost-effective trading and settlement of digital shares of later-stage start-ups and SMEs within less than 1 minute and is thus providing the underlying issuers with a liquid and listing-free secondary market.

  • AlgoTrader GmbH

    Automated trading software for trading companies such as banks and hedge funds

  • Algrano AG

    Digital platform to build trusted relationships with coffee growers and get service support along the way.

  • Animatico AG

    Animatico combines stylized characters with artificial intelligence and voice control, creating a seamless way of interacting with digital devices.

  • Annanow Group AG

    We are digitally organizing every entity of the last mile delivery process and aim for a 60 minutes delivery by using the crowd and preferred partners.

  • Apiax AG

    We transform complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules

  • Appentura AG

    Appentura helps you create an experience gift that is not only suitable, but also surprising and refreshingly exciting: You chose from a wide range of entertaining activities to create a personalized surprise for someone.

  • Arbalo AG

    Arbalo operates a universal marketplace for cloud software that consolidates technology, licenses and contracts from a broad range of suppliers simplifying installation and operations.

  • BEAT Fitness SA

    Switzerland's first fitness studio offering pay-as-you-go spinning classes that you book online.   (formerly VELOBAR)

  • Beekeeper Holding Inc.

    Our vision is to connect the unconnected. Connected both to people and operational systems that give every employee the tools they need to do their job well and have a sense of purpose doing it.

  • Carbon Delta AG

    A Zurich-based software engineering firm computing the future impact of climate change on the performance of listed stock companies

  • Codecheck AG

    Produkte mit Barcode scanner mobile app checken und gesund einkaufen

  • Contovista AG

    Contovista enables data-driven banking. Their white-label software and data analytics services allow financial institutions to optimize their digital banking experience and gain actionable customer insights.


    Light-field is a key to blending the virtual images into the real world and, thus, the missing link to truly functional Mixed Reality which will change the way we communicate today. We make the key to it. We make a light-field projector

  • Daedalean AG

    Flight control systems for the autonomous electric light personal-transport aircraft of the near future

  • Deep Cube SA


  • Diamond Digital AG

    is currently developing DiamondCoin. DiamondCoin is a unique Crypto-Token: Every DiamondCoin is backed by a high quality, certified diamond. DiamondCoin holders can save up, and redeem diamonds at all times. After the market launch, Diamond Digital will be the administrator of the DiamondCoin Platform.

  • Faveeo SA

    We help brands win in digital media, by helping them move beyond traditional advertising and engage with their audiences at scale on the topics that really matter to them. Artificial Intelligence Meets Content Marketing

  • Frontify AG

    The all-in-one brand management platform, enriching brands with consistency and clarity – cloud-based efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

  • Futurae Technologies AG

    The Futurae AI-assisted two factor authentication suite (2FA, MFA) is affordable and easy to integrate with a simple API.

  • Get Local

    GET LOCAL develops and sells holistic digital concierge solutions for hotels to sell selected and personalized local services, activities and experiences. They run a freemium SaaS business model and establish scalable 2b2 marketplaces in all our destinations.

  • Gmelius SA

    Greater productivity and more efficient collaboration for Gmail and Google Apps users while protecting user privacy

  • Goodwall SA

    The community for students to meet and get recognition to pursue their passions

  • GUURU Solutions AG

    Enabling companies to outsource live chat customer support to the most competent customers thereby saving up to 50% costs

  • Hegias AG

    Hegias has built a High-end Virtual Reality Content Management System to allow Architects, Owners and Brokers to walk in unbuilt buildings. HEGIAS imports data from plans within minutes; Architects can enlighten, shade, texture and furnish the building within a few hours.

  • Hydromea SA

    A RaaS company certifying the asset integrity of the submerged assets using portable autonomous underwater drones.

  • IMburse AG

    Imburse is a cloud-based "transaction-as-a-service" platform that acts as an orchestrator of the € 7 trillion in transactions for insurers.

  • Imverse SA

    3D holograms for telepresence, marketing, and entertainment.

  • Insightness AG

    Insightness is for mixed reality what multi-touch is for mobile devices

  • iSense AG

    Helps Food & Beverage manufacturers to build taste that consumers love, quicker and cheaper.

    *Currently in Due Diligence with SICTIC Investors

  • Kido Dynamics SA

    Kido Dynamics provides tools for companies to deeply understand people’s mobility patterns. Demand for such tools is very broad all over the world, including segments such as transportation, out-of-home marketing, tourism, events, and smart cities.

  • Largo Films SA

    Makes the data-driven movie-making accessible to the market through the high level film understanding technologies. Largo has developed data-driven intelligence, which can be introduced much earlier in the life of a film project, right from script choice and development, through filming, post-production and theatrical release.

  • Legartis Technology AG

    Legal documents contain extensive amounts of valuable information which is typically stored in an unstructured fashion so that even the responsible employees lack reliable knowledge of the relevant facts; the Legartis’ SaaS-solution enables companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds, pulling up-to-date data any time; legal document analysis has never been this convenient and efficient.

  • LEND – Switzerlend AG

    Sustema analyses corporate behavior using publicly available data to improve the underwriting performance of commercial insurance companies. Existing customers have seen underwriting performance gains of 28% ($425m) in backtesting of their portfolios. Integrating with existing workflows, Sustema behavioral analytics cloud provides insurers with an objective and comparative behavioral analysis of over 17’000 companies worldwide. It gives underwriters a deeper, consistent, and unbiased understanding of their clients. Improves client targeting and by delivering consistent capacity deployment within and across portfolios, significantly improves bottom-line performance.

  • Locatee AG

    Locatee is the leading Workplace Analytics solution that transforms complex data into space utilisation insights.

  • LuckaBox Logistics AG

    LuckaBox is a platform for on-demand deliveries and warehousing to provide retailers with what their customers increasingly demand: on-demand deliveries.

  • Neon Switzerland AG

    The first Swiss account to get rid of card fees worldwide. Including exchange rate spreads.

  • Nexoya Ltd.

    Nexoya provides a marketing analytics platform enabling the marketeer to base his decisions on integrated data. *Currently in Due Diligence with SICTIC Investors

  • Nezasa AG

    The innovative travel & tour operator system build on the most sophisticated planning and backbone engine

  • Optune by Oscillate AG

    Optune is the first digital workspace that connects all stakeholders in the live music industry to facilitate their daily tasks focusing on event management and booking processing.

  • PrivateDeal SA

    PrivateDeal developed in partnership with EHL the first smart negotiation solution designed to increase direct bookings on hotels’ websites. This unique engine lets guests offer their own price for a room and, if necessary, automatically and instantly negotiates with them the best price.

  • Procsea SA

    by FASTER EXPAND SA: B2B marketplace for seafood

  • Prognolite AG

    Improving restaurant performance by predicting future demand.

  • Rivero AG

    Rivero enables financial institutions to gain efficiency and unleash their full potential.

  • RoomPriceGenie AG

    Dynamic pricing software for hotels. High quality room pricing, built on a scale basis to be cheap enough and simple enough for small hotels to use.

  • SAMA Renewable Solutions

    uses advanced mathematical models to significantly reduce the high electric grid imbalance costs for renewable asset owners

  • Samawatt SA

    SAMAWATT helps wind and solar park operators manage the market risk efficiently by providing pertinent solutions such as accurate production and price forecast, spot market trading strategies, battery storage optimization, and peer-to-peer energy exchange using modern technology and powerful algorithms.

  • Scewo AG

    The first stair climbing and self balancing wheelchair in the world!

  • Securrency, Inc.

    delivers regulatory compliant, Blockchain listed securities to a global crowdfunding marketplace. Securrency is both a RegTech & FinTech company offering a secure, scalable platform for listing traditional securities via Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) while providing global KYC (Know your Customer) and jurisdictional compliance for access.

  • Seervision AG

    Autonomous robotic cameramen at the fingertips of all live video productions. From corporate events to sports: cameraman robots as a service.

  • Socialease SA

    is an Artificial intelligence powered virtual social media manager, specially designed for SMEs

  • Sonect AG

    converts anyone into a "Virtual ATM" - reducing the high "cost of cash" via a location based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash everywhere

  • Spontacts AG

    Entdecke neue Freizeit-Aktivitäten in deiner Stadt und neue Leute, die mitmachen

  • Staxe AG

    The 1st decentralized platform for investing digital assets in live events (such as concerts, festivals, networking events). Staxe brings a real use case for DLT and digital assets, creating a gateway to experience and grow your cryptocurrency investments.

  • Technis SA

    Creating the future of sports through the digitalisation of its physical infrastructures

  • Threatray AG

    Threatray produces code-based threat intelligence by making massive malware repositories and feeds searchable and correlatable.

  • Tradeplus24 AG

    Tradeplus24 partners with AIG & Kessler to provide a unique solution that allows SMEs to safely grow and finance their export business

  • Veertly Sàrl

    Veertly is the all-in-one platform for your hybrid and online events - just like a Swiss army knife!

  • Veezoo AG

    Business artificial intelligence platform to explore financial and other data just by asking questions in plain English

  • Vima Link SA

    Vima decodes human behaviour, by analysing video content with AI algorithm and understanding how people behave

  • Vlot AG

    Life risk coverage solutions that harmoniously fit changing life situations.

  • WealthArc Inc.

    The next generation investment management platform for external asset managers and their HNW clients offering asset consolidation, digital communication channel and portfolio analytics

  • WeaVR AG

    Platform for virtual reality story tellers

  • Workspace2go AG

    The leading Swiss marketplace for meeting rooms, desks and workshop locations.

  • Xatena AG

    Xatena is a highly specialized procurement- and supply-chain-management platform in the healthcare sector.

  • Xorlab AG

    Wants to become the leading cyber threat prevention platform, safeguarding companies around the world against data loss, theft, and reputational damage.

  • Yes.com AG

    The trust network for banks and their customers

  • Yova

    Yova mainstreams impact investing by offering personalized and emotionally-appealing stock portfolios enabled by the digitization of private banking methods through AI and blockchain.

>700 startups have pitched at SICTIC Investor Day events in the past.


Which criteria does a startup have to meet in order to present?

See our investment criteria on top of this page.

What if my startup does not get selected for the extended presentation?

There’s still a good chance that interested investors will connect to your startup at your table booth during the apero. Just because the majority of the audience didn’t select your startup for the extended presentation does not mean no one is interested in your startup.

Who gets to see the factsheet and business plan that a startup submits for this event?

We treat received factsheets and business plans confidential and only share it with the board and members of the Swiss ICT Investor Club as well as the organiser and jury of the event. We also ask them not to forward this information outside of the Swiss ICT Investor Club without first asking for permission from the startup.

Where can I find the Swiss Startup Ecosystem Map

You can find it on this webpage.