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Discover the Swiss Angel Investor Handbook. It is a practical guide to the ins and outs of doing smart angel investments in Swiss tech startups without making unnecessary mistakes. Get your FREE book

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In order to help you find the right founder team and invest in startups that last, the most experienced SICTIC angel investors created a thorough introduction to angel investing. Learn about the basic concepts, deal terms, vesting, valuation, exits, and particularities of the Swiss legal and tax system.

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The first comprehensive 101 of best practices for new angel investors in the Swiss startup ecosystem


If you want to invest into a Swiss technology startup and you don’t know where to start, then this book is just perfect for you! Recommended also for founders and those investors who have some experience to validate their concepts.

Based on the condensed experience of the most seasoned angel investors from our community, it is a thorough introduction to angel investing as well as a quick reference tool for daily use.

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How to source and identify great tech startup deal in chapter 2.

The difference between bottom-up vs. top-down revenue and profit planning on page 74. Everything about vesting and employee incentive plans in chapter 10. What best practices are for valuation in chapter 11 and for the due diligence process in chapter 12. You will find everything about Swiss company basics in chapter 6, including why the board of directors in a Swiss joint-stock company is ultimately liable for what the company does.

This handbook is a strong contribution to further professionalize angel investing in Switzerland and the best practices presented are very sound. If you truly want the startups to grow faster and make successful exits earlier, you can’t ignore them.

Beat Kühni, Partner and Co-Head VC/PE Practice, Lenz & Staehelin

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Business Model Canvas Due Diligence Checklist IP-Checklist Financial Planning

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SICTIC, founded in 2014 with headquarters in Zurich and offices in Lausanne and Ticino, is a non-profit association with the goal of bringing private and corporate investors together with Swiss-based early-stage tech startups. The SICTIC community is the largest angel investor network in Switzerland and helps entrepreneurs take their startup to the next level.

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