The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) offers angel trainings and talks, with an educational purpose. You can watch them all on the SICTIC Vimeo Channel.


May we live in interesting times: Fintech, fear and the future

by David L. Shrier, Managing Director, MIT Connection Science (28.10.2016 @ 30th SICTIC Investor Day Fintech Zurich)

A discussion of disruption and opportunity as the Financial industry is transformed by the fintech revolution. David Shrier of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the new book Frontiers of financial technology, explores this dynamic landscape.  Covering everything from the fictions and fortunes to be made around block chain, to the potential for unlocking invisible banking, he presents visions of the future.

Fintech - what's inside?

by Dr. Thomas Puschmann, Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab, University of Zürich (28.10.2016 @ 30th SICTIC Investor Day Fintech Zurich)

SICTIC Partner Day 2017

The board of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) looks at what has happened during the last year at SICTIC and provides an outlook for the year to come (28.06.2017 @SICTIC Partnerday 2017).

Angel Investor Trainings

START SUMMIT 2018 - The Joys & Challenges of Angel Investors

by Ralph Mogicato, board member of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) and angel investor, and Thomas Dübendorfer, president of SICTIC and angel investor (16.03.2018 @ START Summit 2018 in St. Gallen).

Angel Training: Contovista - An Insider’s View on the Journey From Incorporation to Exit in four Years

by Thomas Dübendorfer, president of SICTIC and angel investor (15.11.2017 @ Swiss Fintech Investor Day 2017, Zurich).

D&O Insurance for Angel Investors Serving as Board Directors

by Gregory Walker (21.09.2017 @ 40th SICTIC Investor Day Zurich)

Personal approach to investing, and lessons learned

Angel to IPO: A Case Study

SICTIC Angel Training: Slicing Pie - Perfectly Fair Equity Split

by Mike Moyer. Read more about Slicing Pie at:

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