87th SICTIC Investor Day Online

The SICTIC Investor Day is a match making event where tech startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters. The first pitching block presents 6 ICT startups that got selected by the SICTIC expert jury. The second pitching block presents 2 startups with active funding rounds. In this round, for each startup, one SICTIC investor will give their perspective on why they decided to invest.

The event language is English. Questions from the audience are also taken in French and German (and translated if necessary).

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic this event will be held online, and you can join from the comfort of your home.

Event Agenda

16:00 – 90sec. Startup Pitching Session + Investor Voting

16:15 – 5 min Startup Pitching Session including a 3 min Q&A per startup

17:00 – BREAK

17:05 – 5 min Active Funding Rounds Pitching Session + 90sec. Investor Perspective

17:25 – Virtual Round Tables

18:30 – Event ends


Startup Applications

Startups: If you want to pitch, please submit your project here. If accepted to pitch, you will get two free tickets to attend. We encourage startups that fulfil our investment criteria to submit their business case. We offer this service and the pitching at one of our events free of charge to startups. For each SICTIC Investor Day, a jury will select the eight most promising startups for pitching at the event.

Submit your startup project

Important: In case you don’t express your interest to pitch at an event in your application form, we will assume you would rather just to want share your business case with SICTIC members and investors and will not include your project in the selection process.

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