87th SICTIC Investor Day in partnership with IBM

The SICTIC Investor Day is a matchmaking event where eight tech startups pitch for funding in front of experienced investors and supporters:

– Six startups selected by the SICTIC expert jury will pitch for 90sec and three startups that get the most investor votes pitch in the second round for 5 min.
– Startups with funding rounds currently in progress with SICTIC Investors will pitch together with SICTIC Investors, who will be giving their perspective on why they decided to invest.

The event language is English. Questions from the audience are also taken in French and German (and translated if necessary).

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic this event will be held online.

Startups on stage

  • Check Your Health SA

    Manage your health at home with our DIY laboratory checkups, which are analyzed by accredited Swiss labs and interpreted by FMH doctors. Our testing kits include COVID Antibody, Hormones, STDs, Iron/Vitamins, Food sensitivity, and many more.

  • Cleveron AG

    Reduces the energy consumption of public buildings, schools, hotels or commercial properties such as offices and shops and improves the air quality in the spaces we use every day in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

  • Exnaton AG

    Exnaton’s software for energy communities creates an entirely new energy experience and fights climate change.   *Currently in Due Diligence with SICTIC Investors

  • fidentity GmbH

    Artificial intelligence startup disrupting the customer identification market with convenience and automation.

  • Veertly Sàrl

    Veertly is the all-in-one platform for your hybrid and online events - just like a Swiss army knife!

Event Agenda

16:00 – Welcome Note

16:15 – 90sec. New Startups Pitching Session + Investor Voting

16:30 – 5min. Startup Pitching Session + Q&A Session

17:25 – 5min. Active Funding Rounds Pitching Session, 90sec. Investor Perspective + Q&A Session

18:15 – Investors meet the pitching startups at virtual round tables

19:00 – Event ends


Startup Applications

Startups: If you want to pitch at SICTIC, please submit your project here. If accepted to pitch, you will get two free tickets to attend. We encourage startups that fulfil our investment criteria to submit their business case. We offer this service and the pitching at one of our events free of charge to startups. For each SICTIC Investor Day, a jury will select the eight most promising startups for pitching at the event.

Submit your startup project

Important: In case you don’t express your interest to pitch at an event in your application form, we will assume you would rather just to want share your business case with SICTIC members and investors and will not include your project in the selection process.

Investor Registration

This event is intended primarily for angel investors (also novices). Family offices, fund managers and venture capitalists that want to invest in Swiss Startups are also welcome to attend.

Members of the SICTIC Investor Community and invited guests please use your promotion code to get your free ticket.

Investors: You can read the startup business cases before the event by joining our SICTIC Investor Community. You can then attend all SICTIC Investor Days for free and get access to our online deal platform on the web and your mobile phone.

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