One of SICTIC’s main activities is to connect potential high-growth startups to our smart money investors. Our investor community consists of business angels and private investors who are looking to learn about investing in technology projects and want to invest in early-stage, Switzerland based, technology product startups.

SICTIC currently has over 420 investors in its community, which actively benefit from our services. The investors are approved by SICTIC’s board as individuals with the interest and capacity to make startup investments.



SICTIC Investor Profile

Many of our angel investors have an entrepreneurial background as founder, CEO, partner, or board member. We also work with family offices and venture capitalists that want to co-invest with angel investors.

SICTIC expects an investor to invest at least CHF 20’000.- per investment round that s/he decides to join. However, there is no formal obligation to participate in any investment round and also no requirement to visit our events.

Our angel investors share their knowledge, experience, and business network with the startups they invest in.

Benefits for SICTIC Investors

  • Access to our Swiss tech startup online dealflow platform, where you can pick your favourite startups to invest in together with other angel investors;
  • Free tickets to our SICTIC Investor Days in Zürich, Lausanne, Geneva and other cities in Switzerland;
  • Access to Angel Investor training (talks, webinars, videos);
  • Access to our network of more than 420 active investors;
  • Invitations to investor-only events (e.g. VIP lunches, social events etc.);
  • Free membership in FINTECH Circle in London or Business Angels Club Liechtenstein (BACL) (optional).

Investment Process

Click Here to watch the video that explains the SICTIC investment process.

1. Read SICTIC startup factsheets

We share startup factsheets, pitch decks and investor feedback with the SICTIC Investor Community via the SICTIC Deal platform, to provide an efficient first assessment of the team involved, the scope of the startup project and the business potential.

All projects submitted to SICTIC are pre-screened by us to ensure they match the SICTIC Investment Criteria and that all information is correct, relevant, and easy to understand.


2. Meet the startup team

If at least two investors are interested in a startup, SICTIC facilitates a meeting with the startup team.

After an Investor Day event, SICTIC collects investment interest from our audience and connects all parties interested with the founders of the projects they would like to learn about more.

Startups selected to pitch at a SICTIC Investor Day are screened by the SICTIC Jury, which selects the best applications in our deal flow to present on stage at our events.

3. Participate in the investment round

After the initial meeting with the founders, a lead investor is elected by the investor group, which will be the primary contact for the startup, other co-investors and for SICTIC. The lead investor will coordinate the creation of an investment term sheet, due diligence checks and closing of the investment round.

SICTIC supports the process with templates, advice and regular status updates to make sure things move forward smoothly.

4. Boost the startup by smart money

Once the investment round is closed, smart money investors will continue to advise the startup and use their connections to keep it on track, facilitate faster growth and allow for quicker market entry.


As a non-profit association, the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) covers part of its cost of operation through the following fees (excl. VAT) from investors:

  • A one-time sign-up fee of CHF 250.- (excl. VAT)
  • Annual fee (for 12 months):
    • Private investors: CHF 750.- (excl. VAT): one individual, one free ticket per SICTIC Investor Day and one free virtual attendance ticket per SICTIC flagship event (e.g. Swiss Fintech Investor Day) and one account for the SICTIC online startup deal flow platform.
    • Professional Investors with one account: CHF 2’500.– (excl. VAT).
    • Preferred Co-Investors: CHF 10’000.- (excl. VAT) – Limited Number of co-investors.

SICTIC does not charge any investment commissions, finder’s fees, investment management fees and exit fees. 100% of the investor money goes to the startups. We charge pro rata to the remaining full months of the current calendar year when joining during the year. There is no long-term obligation and no management cost charged by SICTIC for an investor’s startup portfolio.


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