SICTIC Investor Member Profile

SICTIC works with smart money investors living in Switzerland that have entrepreneurial experience and want to share their knowledge, people network and money with startups, and investors that want to co-invest once a term sheet is ready.

SICTIC expects that an investor invests at least CHF 20’000.- per investment round that he or she decides to participate in. However, there is no formal obligation to participate in any investment round and also no obligation to visit our events.

To become an investor member of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), please fill in the form below and we will follow-up shortly.

Benefits for SICTIC Investor Community Members

  • Full access to our Swiss tech startup online dealflow platform to pick your favorite startups to invest in together with other angel investors
  • Free tickets to our SICTIC Investor Days in Zürich, Lausanne, Geneva, Baar/Zug, Lugano and Liechtenstein
  • Access to Angel Investor trainings (talks, webinars, videos)
  • Access to our network of more than 200 active angel investors
  • Invitations to member only events (e.g. VIP lunches, angel social events etc.)
  • Free membership of FINTECH Circle in London (optional)

Investment Process

1. Read SICTIC startup factsheets

We share startup factsheets* and investor feedback with the members of the SICTIC Investor Community. This allows for an efficient first assessment of the people involved, the scope of the startup project and the business potential.

Before sharing a case with investors, the screening committee of the Swiss ICT Investor Club checks several criteria for each startup submission.

*Not all startups have factsheets submitted.

2. Meet the startup team

If at least two members are interested in a startup, SICTIC facilitates a meeting with the startup team.

3. Participate in investment round

A lead investor is elected, which will be the primary contact for the startup, other co-investors and for SICTIC. The lead investor will coordinate the creation of an investment term sheet, due diligence checks and closing of the investment round.

SICTIC supports the process with templates, advice and regular status updates to make sure things move forward smoothly.

4. Boost the startup by smart money

Once the investment round is closed, smart money investors will continue to advise the startup and use their connections to keep it on track, facilitate faster growth and allow for a quicker market entry.

Watch the video that explains the SICTIC investment process: Watch here

Join the SICTIC Investor Community

SICTIC Investor Agreement

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    *means the field is compulsory to be filled in.

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Preferred Co-Investor Members

This new investor category allows SICTIC to close significantly larger Seed funding rounds for Swiss deep tech startups by angel investors together with highly trusted co-investors much faster.

At the same time, it de-risks the investment by the Preferred Co-Investors because angels have already challenged the startup team and business case and decided to invest themselves. SICTIC actively introduces their Preferred Co-Investors to the lead investors and the startup founders. This also saves a significant amount of time in deal screening for the Preferred Co-Investors and startups get to close their investment rounds faster.

SICTIC Preferred Co-Investors:


As a non-profit association, the Swiss ICT Investor Club covers part of its cost of operation through the following fees (excl. VAT) from investors:

  • A one-time sign-up fee of CHF 250.- (excl. VAT)
  • Annual membership fee (for 12 months):
    • Private investors: CHF 500.- (excl. VAT): one individual, one free ticket per SICTIC Investor Day and one account for the online startup deal platform
    • Professional Investors with one account: CHF 2’500.– (excl. VAT).
    • Preferred Co-Investors: CHF 10’000.- (excl. VAT) – Limited Number.

SICTIC does not charge any investment commissions, finder’s fees, investment management fees and exit fees. 100% of the angel investor money goes to the startups. We charge pro rata to the remaining full months of the current calendar year when joining during the year.