We encourage tech startups that fulfil the SICTIC investment criteria to submit their projects to our deal platform and apply to pitch for funding at a SICTIC Investor Day event.

SICTIC actively connects potential fast-growth startups with our over 500 business angel members in Switzerland. All SICTIC services for startups are free of charge. Please note that the minimum ticket size for Angels is CHF 20’000.

To get into the SICTIC process, you must submit a SICTIC Funding Application. All applications submitted to SICTIC are pre-screened by us, and we might ask you to send us additional details if something is missing. Only companies who have submitted an application are added to our deal platform, which is the main tool and database for the SICTIC Investor Community.

Once your submission is approved, all our 500+ Business Angels and Professional Co-Investors can access your information. Startup submissions are regularly screened by a group of SICTIC Investors.

How pitching for funding at a SICTIC Investor Day works:

– For each SICTIC Investor Day, a jury will select the eight most promising startups to pitch to our investor audience.

– Your application will be considered for events scheduled up to 6 months from your submission date, after which will stay visible to SICTIC Investors but removed from the event pitch applications pipeline.

– If your project is selected for an event, we will send you additional information at the email address you provide in the application form, approximately two weeks before the event for which you got selected to pitch.

– If your project is not selected to pitch within six months and you would like to be reconsidered for future events, please resubmit your updated factsheet and documents and mark your application as a resubmission.

What is important to include in the SICTIC Funding Application:

Mandatory SICTIC Factsheet

To get exposure to our investors, there’s no need for a lengthy business plan. All you need to do is to fill in our SICTIC Startup Factsheet and submit it together with your pitch deck.

Download or copy the SICTIC Startup Factsheet before filling in the application below. We cannot give you edit access to our factsheet template, so either copy the Google Docs into your Google account to edit or download it as a Microsoft Word file using File – Download.

Mandatory Pitch Deck

The purpose of your pitch deck is to stimulate interest, rather than explaining every aspect of your project. You can reference from the SICTIC factsheet to the pitch deck.

We strongly recommend covering the core pitch deck topics in 10-15 slides, similar to Guy Kawasaki’s “Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch”

Optional Video Pitch

We strongly recommend you to submit a Video Pitch (60 – 90 sec) delivered by the founders in English (no slides) for higher visibility and better chances of being selected to pitch.

Your video must answer the following questions:

1) Who are the founders?

2) Which actual value do you provide to the customer?

3) Who are your customers and where are they based geographically?

4) Why do you have a scalable business, and how large is your addressable target market?

5) What sets you apart from the competition?

Optional Documents

You can also upload a business plan, or any three additional documents that you would like to share with our Investors and the SICTIC Jury.

Startups are selected to pitch based on the information submitted during the application, and it is also used later on during matchmaking and due diligence process. Make sure all info is correct, relevant, and easy to understand. Make sure to fill in all fields and upload the mandatory documents. SICTIC may use aggregated data for its research purposes, but will never breach confidentiality and share identifiable startup information outside our community. If you want to know more, please check the SICTIC Code of Conduct.

We strongly recommend that you have a copy of the SICTIC Startup Factsheet completed and your pitch deck saved in .PDF format before starting to fill in the form below, as you will not be allowed to submit without uploading them.

Ready to submit? Start by answering the SICTIC Investment Criteria questions below.

Upcoming SICTIC Investor Days

Apply to pitch at one of these events:

  • Sep 2024 05

    130th SICTIC Investor Day @ Microsoft Zurich

    Get ready for an unparalleled experience at the upcoming 130th SICTIC Investor Day! Immerse yourself in a dynamic setting where innovative tech startups will captivate
  • Sep 2024 19

    131st SICTIC Investor Day @ FONGIT Geneva

    For our highly anticipated 131st SICTIC Investor Day, we are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Fongit in Geneva, elevating the event to new
  • Nov 2024 14

    134th SICTIC Investor Day @ UBS Zurich

    Embrace the future at our 134th SICTIC Investor Day at UBS in Zurich, where innovation converges with opportunity. Discover groundbreaking tech startups poised to revolutionize
  • Nov 2024 28

    135th SICTIC Investor Day @ IMD Lausanne

    Join us at the 135th SICTIC Investor Day as we collaborate with IMD Lausanne, setting the stage for impactful connections between innovative startups and seasoned
  • Dec 2024 05

    136th SICTIC Investor Day – Online Event

    Join the virtual convergence of visionary investors at the 136th SICTIC Investor Day on December 5th, 2024! Discover cutting-edge investment opportunities showcased by innovative startups

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