Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is a non-profit association, supported partially by our sponsors.

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SICTIC Annual Partners

  • PostFinance

    PostFinance is a leading Swiss financial institution. Through corporate venturing, PostFinance identifies promising products, technologies and business models early on, and offers startups the option of a financial investment. PostFinance prioritizes participations in disruptive or highly specialized startups that have a connection with its core business. Besides its investment activities, PostFinance also actively engages with startups to evaluate partnerships and to generate a true value add for both parties.

    RENTSCH PARTNER’s lawyers and patent attorneys advise in all matters relating to intellectual property and information technology. They support their clients in the definition and implementation of their IP strategy and develop legally and technically sustainable solutions to complex legal issues. For start-ups, RENTSCH PARTNER focuses on protecting their innovations worldwide at a reasonable cost in the framework of an IP roadmap. RENTSCH PARTNER offers SICTIC start-ups certain special offers. If you are interested, please contact
  • TREUFiN Reuter AG

    TREUFiN Reuter AG is a Swiss Trust company with over 15 years of experience, working with both International and Swiss-based clients. We offer a wide range of services such as company formation, accounting, tax and legal consulting as well as many other related services. Whether you are a small Startup looking to set up your business for the first time or a large enterprise that needs to structure a division or branch in Switzerland, we have packages to fit every business model. Please reach out, we would like to hear from you!
  • Vaudoise

    Acting as a local partner for over a century, Vaudoise Assurances is one of Switzerland’s top ten private insurance companies. Founded in Lausanne in 1895, it is still predominantly owned by a cooperative society, Mutuelle Vaudoise. Financially sound, the company is free to develop independently with a long term view, for the benefit of its 350,000 or so clients.

    VISCHER is one of the leading Swiss business law firms with offices in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. They provide best-in-class legal advice to founders, entrepreneurs, startups and investors. Their clients benefit from their long-standing experience in working with startups at all stages from first business idea to exit. VISCHER makes it easy to deal with their team, with a one-stop-shop approach that includes legal experts from all fields, available to advise you and your team on all of your legal matters.
  • Walder Wyss

    Walder Wyss is one of the most successful Swiss commercial law firms with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Berne, Basle, Lausanne and Lugano. Our experienced start-up desk makes our industry experience, knowledge and expertise available to founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors and supports them through all phases from the sparking idea to the exit.

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