SICTIC Investment Report 2019

Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) publishes  its startup portfolio that created more than 1000 jobs

The Investment Report 2019 documents the growth and traction of SICTIC in the Swiss Startup and Investment Ecosystem. The report sheds light on the non-profit association’s activity over the last few years, while providing insights into SICTICs inner workings, strategic initiatives and ecosystem collaborations.

In 2018, SICTIC Angel Investors invested in 42 Swiss tech startups. Compared to 2017, when SICTIC Investors invested in 20 Swiss tech startups, this represents a significant growth in SICTIC Funding Rounds. For 2016, SICTIC estimates that about 10 SICTIC Funding Rounds were conducted. In total, over the three years 2016-2018 SICTIC investors have funded more than 70 startups. Those new companies have created more than 1000 jobs and hence had a positive economic impact on Switzerland.

The SICTIC Investor Community has grown to 250 investor members by end-2018, including two early stage VC funds. In 2019 SICTIC expects to sustain its rapid growth and will onboard at least three more early-stage VC funds that co-invest alongside SICTIC Investors.

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